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Writing a successful eBook like ghostwriting agency

For the web-entrepreneur, writing an effective eBook like ghostwriting agency and selling it online can be a real challenge, but it’s actually quite possible and in a short time. This is the opportunity to not only build a great mailing list, generate significant passive income and grow the sale of your other products and services.

Don’t know where to start? To meet the challenge of writing a white paper quickly and that earns you money without too much effort, follow these 3 steps!

1. Write an effective eBook that meets the needs of prospects

Ghostwriting agency are convinced that the subject of your eBook can excite your audience and improve your online sales, and you are right. This short format sells very well, because of its low price. The key to your success will be to write it and offer it without delay, using the right channel and the right strategy.

Write a white paper quickly

Your first challenge will be to choose a powerful title on a subject that “fits” perfectly with your activity. For example, if you are an interior designer, choose a catchy subject and title, such as: “Transform your interior at a low price”.

A booklet of about twenty pages, stuffed with practical advice will be very attractive and preferable to an article that is too general and does not allow practical application.

The writing style of an effective eBook should go “straight to the point” and address a topic that many of your visitors are wondering about. Write it by the ghostwriting agency to demonstrate all your expertise in your field. And if you weren’t good at writing in school, there are solutions (online training, writing help resources, etc.).

Hire a digital agency

You don’t want to tackle this task because the very idea of ​​writing everything alone stresses you out or puts you off? If you have a dedicated budget for your writing project, you can use the services of a ghostwriting agency.

To select the right structure that will enhance your business with an eBook that perfectly meets your expectations, follow these 5 strategic tips for choosing a ghostwriting agency.

The freelancers referenced on the Web platform, all trained by Lucie Rondelet, are familiar with good writing practices for the web and know the techniques of SEO at their fingertips.

So, do not hesitate to consult the professional profiles of these talents. By using them, you will avoid the costs of connecting an agency, and will be able to directly select the competent ebook writers like ghostwriting agency to write a white paper as soon as possible.

2. Put your eBook online

Your eBook is written, proofread, corrected like ghostwriting agency and ready to be published? Alright, but the race is not over! Its promotion is just as important and it will only be a success if you make it known. You must define on which medium same as ghostwriting agency and you will make it available and at what price.

Choose the right platform

Many platforms can host your white paper and compensate you on each sale. Publishing it on a platform specializing in publication requires reflection on its selling price in order to obtain the best return on investment over the long term.

The platform used must be relevant to your activity: for an e-commerce site, it seems wise to choose Amazon or Lulu, which have strong authority and offer you good exposure. But, if you are in a niche market, prefer a platform with lower transaction or commission fees such as Smashwords, Draft2 Digital, Iggy book, Feiyr, Larionova, and Thebookedition.

First of all, to highlight your writing, you must think about giving it an attractive cover. Even without the help of a graphic designer, sites like Canva help you do it in moments.

Offer your eBook on your website for additional sales

The huge advantage of writing an effective eBook and making it available for download on your site for free, is to be able to collect emails and information on your prospects, irresistibly attracted by free services and by your services like ghostwriting agency.

Thus, you build up a mailing list of qualified contacts and, subsequently, you will quite easily obtain very good results. Yes, as the saying goes: “Money is in the list!” “.

Many entrepreneurs prefer to offer their eBook on their own professional website or blog. You can do the same. Thus, your subscribers who discover it feel like “pampered” because you anticipate their needs. And if you make sure to mention in your booklet products available in your shop, it’s a safe bet that you will make some sales.

Another reason to write a white paper quickly: you win the trust of your prospects on promising topics and you can also test other topics that appeal. By knowing the preferences of your audience, you will be able to initiate the dialogue and there is a good chance that they will adhere to the paid products that you will offer them.

3. Sell your eBook

Your eBook is ready and published? The last step is just as crucial. An e-book is a great way to generate passive income, but you still need to put in place relevant sales levers like ghostwriting agency.

Write an impactful sales page

You can’t launch your eBook on a poker hand. Even if it is exciting, it needs a page with a well-crafted sales pitch, or even a real sales funnel. On this landing page, you will have to succinctly present the content of your white paper and persuade the visitor of their interest. A call to action is obviously essential.

Time is money! Do you need to quickly create a page with a high conversion rate for your creation? Entrust this to a copywriting expert, capable of writing content that influences the purchase. The Web platform makes your job easier and provides you with experienced SEO web editors same as ghostwriting agency have, contact them and book their services in a few minutes here.

Choose the right strategy

To convince, savvy bloggers use well-chosen terms: for example, “go further” on an article that points to the presentation of their eBook, or “if you like this article, you will also like…” which provides a list of recommended products. Use cross-selling techniques like ghostwriting agency aim to offer a complementary product and your white paper can be one!

Up-selling, another sales marketing strategy, is also highly recommended because you draw attention to higher-end products.

But whatever the technique chosen; your eBook must be perceived as an offer of your expertise in relation to a specific problem. And as such, it must be offered at the right time: on a page, a blog post, by email or via your newsletter.

Many entrepreneurs succeed online with the sale of eBooks. If you follow these three steps, you are sure to win the race! Writing an effective eBook makes it fairly easy to collect regular income once your strategies are in place.

Even while sleeping, the white paper works for you, to retain your audience, improve your online visibility and boost the popularity of your other products or services.


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