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Best 5 WooCommerce Inventory management Plugin

Want to know top 5 WooCommerce inventory management plugin. Read the article how plugins made work so easy and convenient without any stress.

Managing an online store is very difficult and stressful work for every entrepreneur. He has to focus more on human resource power and inventory management. Today with growing technology, the WooCommerce inventory management plugin had made this work very easy without any stress. You get accurate inventory data with less time taken. As your workforce is also reduced which increases your profit with accurate data. With this plugin, you can track your order, customize it, automatic update product availability. You can easily monitor the out-of-stock and easily update it to avoid customer dissatisfaction visibility. There are many WooCommerce inventory management plugins in markets that you can get with minimum cost with loaded features according to your need.

The Best 5 WooCommerce Inventory management plugins are:-


TradeGecko is the best plugin for order management software. You can get a 14-day free trial as well as a premium version for $ 39/month. You will get many features like:-

Control Inventory

You get full control over your inventory as you can see the full catalog, sales order, dispatch time, etc.

Warehouse Inventory management

You can monitor more than one warehouse at one time. You can easily manage shipping from one to another warehouse by adding stocks according to needs.

2. Orderhive Inventory Management

If you have multiple WooCommerce warehouse management, then this plugin helps you a lot. You can manage stock status, accounts, and shipping on multiple stores at one time. This single plugin is efficient for your multiple stores without any hassle and stress. On a single screen, you can manage thousands of products as well as import and export products, and generate barcodes. Incoming and outgoing inventory is easily trackable by this plugin. In short, you can say small package with a big blast.

3. WooPos

Like others, WooPos also perform amazing work as WooCommerce inventory management plugin. Here also you can maintain multiple stores at one time, You can easily manage employees’ workflow, and customer trends, Many filters, and searches are available for massive workflow. After downloading the plugin you will get 24/7 customer support, customized design and print labels, etc.

4. Zoho

Zoho is a cloud-based plugin that tie-up with thousand of shipping companies around the world. For the first time you have to set a barcode for a single product after that it automatically reads the barcode as you make an invoice. With a barcode system, you can easily track the order from booking to shipping movement. If your working partners have a sale it automatically full the quantity of the stock. You can simply say that this plugin is work as a WooCommerce stock manager.

5. Veeqo

Veeqo is also a famous platform for automatic updates of the company’s backend process. You can track order details, and shipping details, and manage multiple warehouses with real-time data. You can easily manage the stock while incoming and outgoing. You can sync data from other selling partners directly into your desktop Accounting software.


As we discussed above the WooCommerce Inventory management plugin. Its become a necessary part of online stores. If you have an online store that operates 24/7 then you have to update all the inventory time by time. Earlier this is very difficult for the human force to get this on time. But now with these plugins, you can update with real-time data within a few minutes without much human force.

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