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Why Should Startups & SMEs Go For Mobile App Development?

Do you know that 44.85% of individuals in this day and age own smartphones? Additionally, they bring in billions of cash annually. There is no question that it serves as a one-stop shop for 90% of our queries. What if startups and SMEs took advantage of their users’ mobile browsing preferences? You will receive a variety of business benefits that can offer your company an edge over competitors. That’s what I’ll be talking about in this blog.

Global mobile app revenue may reach $935 billion in 2023, according to Statista. According to statistics on mobile app creation, there are currently 2.8 million apps available for download in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store. It is no surprise that the mobile industry is thriving, given that its penetration rate is rising steadily without experiencing any setbacks.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Build relationships with customer

Business relies heavily on reciprocity, and mobile applications are increasingly becoming an essential conduit for communication between companies and customers. If you can get people to download your app and come up with strategies to keep them from removing it, you’ll have fans. A mobile app will be more beneficial to your customers. Your interactions with your clients happen in real time. Since you always have the answers to their inquiries, they often consider you.

Mobile apps enable us to manage successful client loyalty programs. How do reward schemes work? In any event, when customers make certain purchases, they are rewarded with points. The collected points are deducted from the next transaction as money. Users are encouraged to download the app because certain loyalty programs can only be used with mobile apps.

Consumer Insights

A mobile app gives firms an incredible opportunity to comprehend their customers on a deeper level. An app offers businesses a useful method for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer data. Through the collection of information on topics like consumer preferences and activity, apps have the potential to alter marketing strategy by offering priceless consumer insights. You can direct your marketing efforts in the right direction by making the right strategic decisions and having a thorough understanding of user motivations, the most popular features or paths, and who your users are. As a result, companies may employ apps to use data-driven marketing methods to provide clients with more customized experiences.

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Quality Customer Service

Ventures and new businesses risk missing out on a wide range of possible business prospects if they don’t offer clients the answers, options, and level of comfort they require. All customers and clients are more likely to have a great experience if there are apps that make it simple to provide product information, arrange a service appointment, or complete a transaction. Businesses that decide to just use traditional resources to support customer interactions and new startups that decide to put off developing mobile apps until they have established themselves could be making a very expensive mistake.

Growth and Market size

In the global mobile app development market, some prominent players include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Amazon, and Wipro. From 2019 to 2026, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4%, reaching $407.31 billion. Asia-Pacific will experience the largest CAGR on the market from 2019 to 2026, at 19.80%. The gaming sector dominates the mobile application market.


More ROI

Apps are easier to use and more interactive than websites. You can customize these apps to meet your needs. As more consumers show interest in your goods and your company, consumer demand will increase. It consequently increases sales. Launching a mobile app is essential in addition to having a responsive website to increase revenue and enhance user experience.

If you have an idea for an application, the IMCS Group is prepared to make it a reality so that you can easily reach your clients on their preferred devices. We offer services for creating mobile applications for iOS and Android. The app’s performance is multiplied by our technical wizards’ usage of the appropriate technologies.

Ample Opportunities

Every day, millions of downloads are made from the Google Play Store worldwide. It demonstrates that customers actively seek out cutting-edge apps to meet their demands more conveniently and time-efficiently. You have a crucial opportunity to use the app to target your potential users here. To do this, you should employ an Android app developer to create a unique application that best suits your company’s needs. Suppose startup industries focus on developing android apps, putting the necessary resources in place, and demonstrating their capacity for innovation. In that case, a door will open with plenty of prospects in the market for your company.

One feature of the advent of internet commerce that was so revolutionary was the capability for everyone, from huge corporations to mom-and-pop shops, to rapidly use website analytic data about their customers. The same is true for companies of all sizes, which may use mobile applications to compile more data about their clients. For instance, if a user accepts location sharing with your app, you can see their location, which is not feasible with a straightforward website. You can look at behavioral data, such as the most popular user searches. Along with the comments users typically give you regarding the app (complaints, how long they spend on different pages inside the app, which FAQs they usually read, etc.).

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