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What Does Live on Find My Friends Mean?

Apple is always going to make new advanced features to its iPhone and “Find My” is among them that many people are unaware of. This feature is launched to improve the location-sharing feature of IOS 15 and it lets you check out the live location of your friends.

If you want to track your friend, then how will you do so?

Are you aware of the “find my friends live” features of Apple?

This article will let you know everything about it that you wish to know about this amazing feature. Without any further delay, let’s get dive into it.

What Does Live Mean on Find My iPhone?

You must be wondering what does live mean on find my iphone. To Strengthen and making more dynamic the location-sharing experience of the Apple ecosystem, has collaborated the “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Mac” to make a unified app “Find My”.  It has introduced the feature to track your friends when they are in the need. It allows you to track the GPS location of another device live so that you will remain in touch with your friend who is out.

With the Live feature, you can monitor the exact location of your friends and families in the real-time to whom you are permitted with.  After getting permission from your friends or family whom you want to get in touch with it, you can use find my friends live location to track them on the go.

How to Enable Find My Live Location 

With the “Find My Live Location” you will be able to monitor your friends and have them let it do to get in touch with each other. Enabling the Find my feature is pretty easy, here is how

  • Open your phone and go to “Settings” >Privacy>  Location Services
  • Click on “Next” to activate live location sharing on your phone
  • To activate Find my, navigate to “Settings” and enter your name
  • Here, choose “Find My” > “Find my iPhone”
  • Click on “Next” to make it “Green”
  • Again to grant “find my live location” to access, navigate to “Settings
  • To confirm, when finding my app can be accessed, you need to select “While Using This App” 
  • After that, you need to enable “Precise Location” if it is not enabled yet.
  • Again open “Find My” and Tap on “Me” from the bottom of the screen”
  • Switch the “Next” button to share my live location
  • Tap on “Use this iPhone as my Live Location”
  • Click on “Share My Location
  • Please choose the contact from the contact list or enter their name to grant access to your live location.
  • Hit the “Send” button
  • Finally, you need to choose the time duration, you want to get visible to them.

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How to Find Friends on Find My 

By following some easy steps you will be able to locate your friends on the go. Here is how

  • First, Open the “Find My” app
  • Go to the “People” section and pick whom you want to find
  • Here you will get the whereabouts of your friend
  • Enter his name to see about their speed and their likely destination
  • You can get the exact location of your friend by opening the app
  • You can contact your friend by selecting “Contact Option”
  • The Find My Friends Live feature can also reveal their direction and tells you if they are moving.

That’s how you can find your friends and let them do so. You may ask how accurate is find my friends live location.

Well! The live location provides you with the direction, speed, and exact whereabouts by which you can track them on the go.


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