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Ways Illustration Design Can Work for Your Social Media

Having an online presence was not compulsory at all when it came to add-ons in marketing just a couple of years ago. But it seems like much longer, isn’t it?

But today, it is more than just a marketing must-have. Social media is a crucial part of any brand’s online presence.

Videos and images have emerged as one of the most popular types of content across all social media platforms, where almost every small and giant brand uploads its business images and videos. With such competition, in which way can you set yourself and your brand apart from them? Well, obviously, the answer is something creative that catches the eye of the audience or using something unique and impossible to ignore, like a custom illustration, for example.

Now the best part is you can find creative illustrations almost everywhere now, as there are many illustration services companies offering the latest illustration designs. Have you ever observed the doodles on the search engine results page of Google? Who would have thought that even a giant search engine page could use creativity in order to be more interactive? This is the way of Google of using illustrations to tell engaging stories. And if a giant like Google is doing it, it means that there is something amazing that is worthy of your brand too. So, read more in this article, as we’re going to discuss some ways illustration can help in your social media marketing, advertising, and branding.

Be Creative with A Concept

The perfect designs for social media campaigns usually have a powerful creative narrative, a theme, or a concept that ties all design elements together in a compelling visual story.

The benefit of setting a concept early in the illustration design process is that it can act as a worthy framework for innovative brainstorming, which is especially useful if there are a number of designers who are working on the same project. Therefore, if you’re not sure where to find the right inspiration for a creative concept, reach back to your social media campaign goals and look for your targeted audience. Briefly look at what is visually trending in the minds of your audience right now and craft illustrations accordingly. This helps you to make a better social media marketing strategy on different social media platforms.

Add Videos in Illustrations and Get More Leads

Creating and posting videos is quite overwhelming for many social media marketers. Coming up with amazing content ideas and executing them in the form of easily readable videos is even more daunting.

With illustrations in videos, you can easily convey your brand information even without having to involve actors or real people in the video. Therefore, if you go the route of illustration, you can say goodbye to the cost of production associated with costly video shoots.

Do you have products or services that are best looked at in action? Then with illustrated replicas, you can integrate your products and services into the video in order to give a demo. And you can also use a specific style of illustration for your brand in all your brand videos for consistency. With the right illustrations in videos, you can easily convey essential brand updates and information, excluding the need to write long boring text.

Use Ads That Convert

Social media advertisements are very effective for every brand operating in the business world. These come as carousel ads, static display ads, story ads, and more. You might have a great image for your ad, but to make it attention-grabbing, you need to add the personal touch of your brand. This comes in simple illustration forms.

There are nearly 4 million advertisers who use stories on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp every month. Therefore, if you want more customers to notice your social media ad, try using creative illustrations, as it makes your ad more interactive.

It will also be a perfect way to make your brand appear more reachable. Furthermore, illustrations can work really well for ads because they assist you in telling stories or highlighting the message.

Sets Your Brand Tone with Creative Colors

Color is a big part of any design process. The colors you choose sets the tone of your brand campaign at a glance. For instance, pastel shades can be perceived as gentle and calming, while bright neon color is often associated with youthful energy or danger.

It is also important to consider the look of the campaign colorways and how they will work alongside your overall branding. A good color palette re-energizes your social media presence, but it is usually a good concept to stick to similar gradients.

When it comes to contemplating colors, their association, and their pairing, illustrators work tirelessly in order to create a unique impression. Thanks to the plenty of free resources available, which keeps you on the right track.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the ways by which illustrations can help in boosting your branding on social media. Every business and brand has social media presence today, but the thing matter the most is the right use of illustrations. So, start making creative illustrations with the help of a top illustration design services agency and see results in a quick time.

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