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Vladimir Putin Grants Edward Snowden Russian Citizenship


Edward Snowden during a streamed interview at an online forum in Moscow last September.



Edward Snowden,

the former U.S. intelligence contractor who leaked files regarding U.S. surveillance programs, was granted Russian citizenship by President

Vladimir Putin,

according to the Russian government. 

Mr. Putin signed the order granting Russian citizenship to Mr. Snowden, along with 71 other individuals, on Monday. Mr. Snowden said in October 2020 that he and his wife were applying for dual Russian citizenship to remain close to their son.

Mr. Snowden leaked files to the press in 2013 about U.S. and international surveillance programs after fleeing the U.S. He was charged by the U.S. government with stealing government property and two counts of violating espionage laws.

The former intelligence contractor arrived in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in June 2013 and was headed to Cuba and Ecuador. But he was stopped after the U.S. canceled his passport. He later successfully applied for asylum in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.


Ilya Pitalev/Sputnik/Associated Press

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