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Top 5 camping sites near Mumbai


Mumbai, “the city of dreams”, can sometimes feel constricting because of its high population density and excessive pollution. Because of the constant traffic jams and the endless number of people walking the streets, the heart longs to find a quieter place. You can barely see the stars if you look up at the city.

A fun camping holiday close to Mumbai can be the perfect way to relax from the city’s bustle. It is important to get off to the side, and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the City of Dreams. If you had the right resorts, it would be great to camp close to Mumbai. This list contains 10 great weekend getaways near Mumbai that will make for a fun afternoon.

These getaways aren’t too far away, so you don’t have to compromise your vacation time nor your budget. They will provide an unforgettable camping and adventure experience in complete peace and the midst nature. You can easily drive to the Sahyadri range to enjoy tranquility and closeness with nature. A weekend getaway close to Mumbai that includes camping near Mumbai, bonfires and stargazing is a great idea.

Here are some camping spots in and around Mumbai that you can spend quality time at:

Pawana Lake

Do you want to experience a wild camping adventure on a lakeside? You will find tranquility surrounded by forts that surround the lake. Pawana Lake is the most popular camping spot near Mumbai.

Many tourists and millennials have found this lake attractive to set up camp and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Pawana Lake is a great place to camp. It’s conveniently located between Mumbai and Pune. It is packed almost every weekend with people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the stunning scenery surrounding Pawana Lake.

There are many activities available, including swimming in the lake, stargazing and grilling. The campground near Mumbai is sure to make your stay memorable.

Karnala Camping site

About an hour and a quarter from Mumbai is the tranquil Karnala campground. Campers love this campground, which is located outside of Mumbai. It is close to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary (Fort) and is very popular.

Many people drive to Karnala from Mumbai or Pune to camp. It is very peaceful in its natural state. It is a beautiful spot to spend your time near Mumbai, with its sounds of birds chirping as well as the waterfall. The monsoon brings out the best in the area, as it is filled with unique sounds.

Vasind riverside Camping

The city is close to this peaceful oasis for a great camping experience. One of Mumbai’s most popular camping spots is the riverside excursion near Vasind. You should arrive before 4 pm to set up your tents and enjoy the sunset.

You can set up tents and light a bonfire by the Vasind River. It is a tranquil and soothing environment that soothes the soul. You can also turn up the music, dance a bit, or just listen to it as you are alone.


Panchgani is near Mumbai and is a beautiful area for camping. The area is known for its five hills surrounding it. This charming village is nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains makes it a great place for a relaxing camping vacation.

To view the stars, you can either bring your tents with you or rent one from the summit. There are many tours in Panchgani that include stargazing and a bonfire. Check-in for camping and stargazing in Panchgani starts at midnight.

Bring your sweaters as the hill station can get very cold. You will love this popular camping spot near Mumbai.

Igatpuri dam Camping

Igatpuri is located in the Western Ghats. It is a wonderful area to connect with nature. Camping is the best way to do this. This wonderful camping trip in Igatpuri offers the perfect weekend getaway, with stunning views of Maruti Wadi Lake.

You can enjoy the sunrise, boating on the lake and relaxing at the end. You will be captivated by the tranquility and beauty of the setting and inspired to create unforgettable memories.


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