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These money and investing tips can help you spot a bear in bull’s clothing


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Deferred annuities are better deals than immediate annuities

A better way of securing a guaranteed lifetime income. Read More

Any way you slice it, the bears control the stock market right now

New highs vs. new lows indicator gives a buy signal, but watch the VIX. Read More

Active vs. passive? Why active ETFs face competition from ‘quasi-active’ smart beta funds in U.S. stock market

Exchange-traded funds that are actively managed face competition from so-called smart beta ETFs as active managers seek to win over investors in an industry dominated by passive funds. Read More

Foreign investors flock back to Chinese stocks now that the economy is reopening after the lifting of COVID restrictions

Global funds are marching back into Chinese equities in full force as the country’s rapid reopening and the likelihood of policy stimulus to rescue economic growth have improved the gloomy backdrop for stocks in 2023.  Read More

U.S. stocks flash rare bull-market signal for first time in nearly 3 years, but some have their doubts

A technical signal that has portended previous turning points for the U.S. stock market just arrived for the first time in nearly three years, according to data supplied by its creator. Read More

Investors face ‘a long period of time with very, very low returns’ warns CEO of one of the world’s biggest funds

The head of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund says the secondary effects of the $30 trillion in wealth destruction last year has not been seen yet. Read More

U.S. corporate greed has gone too far, says Norway fund manager who voted against Apple CEO’s pay

U.S. corporate greed has gone too far, says a Norway fund manager who voted against Apple’s executive compensation as part of a stringent ESG review. Read More

Unbowed by the 2022 stock meltdown, more younger investors are ready to put money back to work

Young investors are not scared of what they saw in 2022. They say the economic upheavals helped them learn how to improve their investment approaches. Read More

BlackRock’s Fink says climate and ESG-investing attacks getting ugly, personal

Larry Fink, who called climate change the investing opportunity of his lifetime, says he’s still working to change the ESG narrative, misconceptions. Read More

10 simple investments that can turn your portfolio into an income dynamo

Take these basic steps to move your retirement accounts from growth mode to dividend generator. Read More

Finding a P/E ratio isn’t as easy as you may think

When focusing on a P/E ratio, find out how it was calculated. Read More

To pick 2023’s winners, look to 2022’s losers

A report on stocks and funds popular among top performing investment newsletters. Read More


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