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The best solution to prepare for your OET!

You may find a wide range of tools and information about the OET exam right here. We’ll be publishing blog posts on a variety of subjects, including advice for preparing for tests and interviews with OET candidates who were successful. We therefore have something for you whether you are just beginning your OET journey or you are getting close to the end.

Overview of OET Exam:

Healthcare workers who desire to work in Australia or New Zealand can take the OET (Occupational English Test), an English language test. It evaluates a candidate’s ability to communicate in English in a medical setting. Each of the four areas of the OET, which are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, is worth 25 points. Certifications require a total score of 200.

A few examples of how our coaching centers can assist you in succeeding are as follows:

– Intensive Training: All four OET exam modules will receive intensive training from our coaches. This includes exercises in speaking, writing, reading, and listening that will help you get ready for all types of test questions.

– Individual Attention: Unlike a classroom, each student receives individualized attention at our coaching centers. This implies that you can always get specialized advice and help from our knowledgeable instructors.

– Mock Exams: To help students get ready for the real thing, we give them practice exams that mimic the testing process. This enables students to practice taking the OET exam in a safe environment before they actually take it.

What’s the best way for me to prepare for the OET ?

  1. Start early

Of course, it depends on your current level of English, but even test-ready candidates should take the necessary time to prepare. The OET is a difficult English exam. This indicates that organizations that demand the highest levels of security and validity from them use your results. After all, the patients’ health and safety will be the responsibility of the chosen candidates.

Consider it like your driving test if that helps. Do you recall how it felt to first learn to drive? Somewhere between fear and excitement? Before feeling confident that you could execute all necessary maneuvers, start and stop the car safely, and drive in a variety of weather conditions, you wouldn’t have even thought about scheduling your driving test.

OET is identical. You must allow yourself enough time to study for the various test components. Even though the test’s context will be familiar to you, you shouldn’t assume that if you don’t put any effort into preparation, you can apply for the test and ace it the first time. Using the car analogy once more, picture yourself taking a second driving test in a vehicle with the controls on the opposite side from where you are accustomed to having them.The nation where you are conducting your second exam has a left-hand drive system. Even if you have a good driving record in your home country, you should still take the time to prepare, get accustomed to how the car works from the other side, and learn the driving laws in the second country. It is logical.

  1. Be realistic with yourself

This is connected to the earlier point. We are aware that OET alters lives. The way you live and work could change if you earn successful OET grades and move to a new country with your family. We want to get you there as quickly as we can, but you must be honest with yourself about how long this will take.

Use the answer key to mark your answers for Listening and Reading on one of the example examinations on our website. Ask for comments on your writing and speaking if you have access to an English teacher or a friend who speaks English as their first language.


What was the outcome? How near are they to their destination?

  1. Know your weaknesses

Don’t just concentrate on your correct answer percentage or your strengths in speaking and writing. Knowing your talents is beneficial, but understanding your flaws is far more crucial.

Asking yourself the following questions while you review your incorrect responses or errors:

  • Why did I commit this error? Was it caused by a hasty reading of the question, lack of concentration, ignorance of grammar or language, etc.
  • How can I keep from making the same error in the future? Your response to the preceding query will probably have some bearing on how you respond to this one.
  1. Understand the assessment criteria

You need to be aware of what the test assessor expects you to exhibit in addition to knowing why you made errors.

Information about assessment is provided for each exam component. There are level descriptors for each criterion for Writing and Speaking in particular, which can help you understand how OET assessors grade you.





  1. Improve your skills

Spend some time attempting to strengthen your shortcomings now that you are fully aware of your strengths.

This does not entail taking a tonne of practice exams. You will only become very accustomed to the test format as a result. On test day, you won’t encounter the same subjects and questions, so pay attention to your language abilities rather than the format.

OET Masterclasses to watch. Watch them again even if you’ve already seen them. You will be better able to use the methods they include after you have a better understanding of what you need to do to improve.

Participate in a Facebook Live Q&A event. These are opportunities for you to ask an OET expert about preparation; they are held twice a month.

Enroll in a course of preparation. It’s difficult to study by yourself. The courses offered by our Premium Preparation course providers will significantly improve your language proficiency and increase your chances of success on test day. Choose one of the companies offering online classes if there isn’t one nearby.

Self-study. Utilize the resources offered to you on the @OfficialOET Facebook page and the OET website. We routinely add advice, language articles, blog pieces, etc. to these. Consider buying study guides, coursebooks, and other preparation materials from the store.

  1. Apply when you are ready.

Do not submit your application unless you are certain that you possess the language abilities required for the grade you choose. I am aware that you have already begun to arrange your new life, but moving slowly now will help you arrive much more quickly. You can take the test and get the results you want without having to retake it or do additional study with the right preparation. In the long run, it will be profitable.

Advice on How to Study for the OET Exam:

1) Read extensively about healthcare themes: Reading extensively about healthcare topics is one of the finest strategies to get ready for the OET exam’s Reading part. You’ll have a better idea of the types of questions that are likely to be asked thanks to this, which will also help you read more quickly and understand what you’re reading.

2) Write samples of responses to various essay question types: The Writing component of the test comprises primarily essay questions that require responses in 250 words or less. It is crucial to practice responding to various essay topic kinds in order to be prepared for this portion. This will assist you in creating a solid essay structure and guarantee that all important elements are included.

3) Practice listening passages presented at a native speaker level: The Listening part includes spoken passages that are delivered at a native speaker level. It’s important to drill on real listening material if you want to adequately prepare for this section.

 4) Familiarize yourself with the many task types that are covered in speaking exams: For example, the Speaking portion asks candidates to perform tasks like presenting presentations or conducting interviews. It is helpful to become familiar with the task types utilized in speaking exams in order to prepare for this section of the exam. ? 

5) Participate in an approved OET Preparation Course: Attending an authorized OET Preparation Course is strongly advised if you want professional advice and support during your preparation process.


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