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Super Bowl wrap: Pregnant Rihanna breaks Twitter, Eagles coach memes himself


This year’s Super Bowl didn’t disappoint, thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs clinching victory with a kick, Rihanna — pregnant again! — bringing down the house with her halftime show, commercials that got people talking (and tweeting) and more.

But if you missed the big game, or turned away at a key point in the night, then here are some of the most viral moments from Super Bowl LVII.

Damar Hamlin hugs the medical professionals and emergency responders who saved his life

“Ain’t It A Blessing!?” Hamlin, 24, tweeted with a selfie of himself at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona before kickoff. 

Indeed, it was just a little over a month ago that the Buffalo Bills safety went into sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field during a game against the Bengals in Cincinnati. 

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He’s made an amazing recovery — in large part because of the emergency medical personnel who were at Hamlin’s side in less than a minute.

And his appearance at the Super Bowl on Sunday was another milestone along his incredible road to recovery. 

What’s more, Hamlin helped turn the Super Bowl into the super bawl, as he was joined on the field before the game by the first responders and the medical professionals from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who helped save his life. And he gave them all huge hugs.  

Chris Stapleton nails the National Anthem 

The pregame show included some notable musical performances, including “Abbott Elementary’s” Sheryl Lee Ralph belting “Lift Every Voice and Sing” beautifully, and Babyface giving an acoustic rendition of “America the Beautiful.” 

But country star Stapleton’s fairly subdued and bluesy take on “The Star-Spangled Banner,”  however, brought Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni and lineman Jason Kelce to tears. And Sirianni’s cry-face became the meme of the night.

Indeed, many football fans lavished praise on Stapleton on Twitter. 

Catch the whole song here: 

There was an all-female flyover — and a menopause commercial during the Super Bowl?!

It’s traditional for a military flyover to soar above the stadium before the Super Bowl starts. But this year’s flyover made history by being piloted by an all-female team. 

The fliers did a diamond formation to pay tribute to 50 years of women flying in the U.S. Navy. 

If that wasn’t enough estrogen for you, viewers were also treated to a commercial from Astellas Pharma, which addressed VMS, or vasomotor symptoms, which is the medical term for the hot flashes and night sweats that many afflict many menopause sufferers. 

While some audience members tweeted about being turned off by the hot spot, many women expressed appreciation for normalizing menopause during the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year — especially considering the male-focused ads of most of the game’s history. 

As sportswriter Jane McManus noted, “nearly half the audience for the Super Bowl are people who can go through menopause.” 

“As a woman who had to sit through countless Viagra commercials as a kid, i hope the men enjoyed it,” added another female football fan.

Rihanna shines bright like a diamond — and reveals she’s pregnant — during the halftime show

Rihanna knows how to work, work, work, work, work, work, all right.

The “Diamonds” singer is one of the wealthiest performers to ever headline the Super Bowl halftime show. And the $1.4 billion Fenty Beauty founder didn’t just power through a medley of her greatest hits while suspended on a platform high above the field for the Apple

Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show — she did it while pregnant with her second child, it turns out, as her rep confirmed to the Associated Press.

Of course, speculation over whether Rihanna was expecting again went rampant as she seemed to cradle her stomach — which appeared to be sporting a baby bump — a few times throughout her showcase, which featured hits such as, “B— Better Have My Money,” “Where Have You Been?” “Only Girl in the World,” “We Found Love,” “Rude Boy,” “Work,” “Wild Thoughts,” “Pour It Up,” “All of the Lights,” “Run This Town” and “Umbrella,” as well as “Diamond.”

Google searches for “Rihanna pregnant” spiked afterward, and “Rihanna” and “pregnant” also immediately began trending on Twitter during the performance.

And Twitter users also began reporting Twitter outages and error messages as the halftime show was ending, leading many to speculate that Rihanna had “broken” Twitter, as well.

What’s more, she slipped in a Fenty Beauty product placement, pausing her performance long enough to check her makeup in one of her compacts. She’s all business.

And Rihanna’s game face also became a meme.

Elon Musk sat with the Murdochs

It’s always fun to see who’s sitting in the stands, and this year’s Super Bowl didn’t disappoint in that respect, either.

At one point, the Fox Sports commentators cut to Tesla

CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk sitting with Fox Corp. and News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch and his daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch. It should be noted that Fox Sports parent Fox Corp.

 and News Corp
  the parent of MarketWatch publisher Dow Jones, share common ownership.

If you were wondering, Musk was rooting for the Eagles.

The cameras also caught Grammy-winner Adele in the stands (which led to plenty of jokes on Twitter about Adele only being at the game because she wanted to watch Rihanna).

And ASAP Rocky was also seen enjoying Rihanna’s performance.

The game almost went into overtime for only the second time in Super Bowl history

The entire night, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles were neck-in-neck. Then, with just 8 seconds left in the fourth quarter, kicker Harrison Butker gave the Chiefs a three-point lead, and sealed the Super Bowl LVII win, 38-35.

Watch it here:


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