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Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has garnered mixed reviews, receiving both praise for its action sequences and Prabhas’ performance and criticism for its pacing and convoluted narrative. Here’s a summary of some key points from various reviews:


  • Prabhas’ performance: Many reviewers commended Prabhas’ portrayal of the brooding protagonist, Deva, highlighting his intensity and screen presence.
  • Action sequences: The film’s action scenes were praised for their scale, choreography, and visual effects, with some calling them among the best in Indian cinema.
  • Visuals: The production design and cinematography were praised for creating a gritty and immersive world.
  • Second half: Some reviewers found the second half to be more engaging and action-packed than the first.


  • Pacing: The film’s near three-hour runtime was a point of contention for some, who found it slow and uneven, particularly in the first half.
  • Narrative: The complex storyline and flashbacks were criticized for being confusing and difficult to follow.
  • Excessive exposition: Some reviewers felt the film relied too heavily on exposition and voiceover, hindering the natural flow of the story.
  • Character development: While praising Prabhas, some reviewers criticized the development of other characters, finding them underdeveloped or stereotypical.

Star Cast

Main Cast:

  • Prabhas: Plays Deva, the brooding protagonist and action hero of the film.


  • Prithviraj Sukumaran: Portrays Varun, a powerful and mysterious antagonist.

Prithviraj Sukumaran

  • Shruti Haasan: Takes on the role of Aadya, a crucial character with a complex relationship with Deva.

Shruti Haasan

Supporting Cast:

  • Jagapathi Babu
  • Easwari Rao
  • Ravi Varma
  • Prakash Raj
  • Anupam Kher
  • Madhoo
  • Manu Varma
  • Yagna Shetty

Cameo Appearances:

  • Disha Patani
  • Pooja Hegde

There are also reports of other well-known actors having smaller roles or cameos, but their casting hasn’t been officially confirmed.

If you’re curious about a specific actor or want to know more about their characters, feel free to ask! I’m happy to provide additional details.

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire collection

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has achieved quite impressive box office collections! Here’s a breakdown:

Box Office Opening:

  • Earned a remarkable Rs 178.7 crore at the global box office on its opening day, December 22nd, 2023. This became the biggest opening for any Indian film in 2023.
  • The film was released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Performance in Different Languages:

  • Telugu: The film’s home turf performed exceptionally well, contributing the highest share to the overall collection.
  • Hindi: Received a strong opening in the Hindi belt, surpassing expectations for a dubbed South Indian film.
  • Other languages: Performed decently, contributing steadily to the overall collection.

Overall Collection:

  • As of today, December 27th, 2023, the film is estimated to have crossed the Rs 350 crore mark worldwide.
  • It is still performing well in theaters, and the final collection is expected to be even higher.

Additional Points:

  • The film’s high budget was estimated to be around Rs 375 crore, and it appears to be on track to be profitable.
  • The strong box office performance is attributed to Prabhas’ star power, the film’s action sequences, and the anticipation for the KGF director Prashanth Neel’s work.

I hope this information gives you a comprehensive overview of Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire’s box office performance!


Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire seems to be a film that will divide audiences. You may enjoy the film despite its flaws if you’re a fan of high-octane action and Prabhas’ charisma. However, if you prefer a tighter and more character-driven narrative, you might find the film frustrating.

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