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Plantable Mother’s Day Card: A Simple and Sustainable Gesture

Mother’s Day is a time to express your love and gratitude to the special woman who has played a significant role in your life. While there are countless ways to show your appreciation, there’s one unique and eco-friendly option that’s gaining popularity: the plantable Mother’s Day card. In this post, we’ll explore what plantable cards are, why they make a perfect gift, and how to make your own or find one that suits your style.

What is a Plantable Mother’s Day Card?

A plantable Mother’s Day card is more than just a card; it’s a gift that keeps on giving. These cards are embedded with flower or herb seeds, making them not only a heartfelt gesture but also an opportunity for your mom to grow something beautiful. Instead of the card ending up in the trash after the occasion, the seeded paper card in Perth, Australia, can be planted in soil, watered, and watched as it transforms into colourful blooms or aromatic herbs.

Why Choose a Plantable Card for Mother’s Day?

  1. Eco-Friendly: One of the most significant advantages of plantable cards is their eco-friendliness. Traditional greeting cards often contribute to waste, but plantable cards reduce this impact by offering a sustainable alternative. After the eco-friendly Mother’s Day card has served its purpose, it becomes a source of life rather than garbage.
  2. Symbol of Growth: A plantable card is a beautiful symbol of growth and nurturing, much like the relationship between a mother and child. When your mom plants the card, it represents the care and love that she has provided throughout your life.
  3. Memorable: Traditional cards might be lovely, but a plantable card takes the gesture to a whole new level. Your mom will remember this unique gift for a long time, not just for the words written inside but for the beautiful flowers or herbs that will bloom as a result.
  4. Personal Touch: Many plantable cards can be customised with your own message or design. Adding a personal touch makes your gift even more meaningful and special.

How to Find or Create a Plantable Mother’s Day Card?

DIY Plantable Cards: If you’re feeling creative and want to add a personal touch, consider making your own plantable Mother’s Day card. 

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

Materials: You’ll need recycled paper, a blender, flower or herb seeds, water, a cookie cutter, and a screen or mesh frame.


  1. Tear the recycled paper into small pieces and soak them in water for a few hours or overnight.
  2. Blend the soaked paper and water until you have a smooth, pulpy mixture.
  3. Add flower or herb seeds to the mixture and mix them in evenly.
  4. Lay a screen or mesh frame over a clean towel and place a cookie cutter on top.
  5. Spoon the paper-seed mixture into the cookie cutter, pressing it down firmly to shape the card.
  6. Gently remove the cookie cutter, leaving the seeded paper Mother’s Day card shape on the screen.
  7. Let the card dry completely, which may take a day or two.
  8. Once the card is dry, write your message and give it to your mom on Mother’s Day.

Tips for Planting the Card

When the time comes for your mom to plant the card you’ve given her, here are some simple tips to ensure success:

  1. Choose the Right Spot: Select a sunny spot in your mom’s garden or a pot with well-drained soil.
  2. Plant at the Right Depth: Gently bury the card about 1/4 inch deep in the soil.
  3. Water Regularly: Keep the soil consistently moist until the seeds sprout, which can take a few weeks.
  4. Enjoy the Blooms: Once the flowers or herbs start to grow, your mom can enjoy the beauty and fragrance they bring to her garden or home.


A plantable seeded paper Mother’s Day card is a thoughtful, eco-friendly, and memorable way to show your love and appreciation for your mom. Whether you choose to purchase one online, make your own, or support local artisans, this unique gift will symbolise the growth and nurturing that mothers provide throughout our lives. Plus, it’s a small step towards a more sustainable and greener future. So, this Mother’s Day, consider giving a plantable seed card that will bloom with love and care.

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