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Overcoming Obstacles When Submitting An Immigration Application To Canada

In addition to being a well-liked immigrant destination, Canada is known as one of the most diverse and economically stable nations in the world. Many people hope to move there one day in order to enjoy a better quality of life in terms of lifestyle, education, and employment opportunities. Approximately 0.7 percent of the population immigrates to Canada annually, making it the country with the highest immigration rates. The Canadian immigration system has many forms and requirements, so moving there is not as simple as it may seem. However, if you do it correctly and seek assistance from the best immigration lawyers, you will be in Canada in no time.

The process is made as simple as possible with the aid of the top immigration attorneys in the UAE. They will assist you in coming to Canada and establishing yourselves there with a little bit of time and effort on your part.

Make Sure You’re Getting Help From The Right People.

Many websites offer citizenship and immigration services, but not all of them are there to help you; some have an interest in making money and wasting your time; to avoid such situations, keep the following in mind:

  • You should never pay for access application forms or guides because IRCC only charges fees to process your request. There are free forms and guides on the IRCC website.
    • Avoid websites that offer “too good to be true” deals or a money-back guarantee.
    • Never provide personal information, financial information, or a deposit before the application process has begun.
  • Do not seek assistance from any immigration lawyers who ask their clients to lie or break the law; avoid them at all costs. Illegal behaviour will not help your chances of success and will land you in hot water sooner or later.
    • Be wary of any immigration attorney who refuses to put anything in writing; additionally, ensure that you have hard copies of all important documents.

Here Are Some of The Immigration Issues That May Be Preventing People From Moving To Canada.

There are some things to think about before moving to Canada if you’re thinking about moving there:
• The processing fee for those seeking permanent residency through Express Entry or Humanitarian & Compassionate claims is $550. Once granted, applicants must pay a $490 fee for the “right of permanent residence”. as well as an additional $75 when applying for sponsorship of family members.

  • Requirement of fees for citizenship. The application fee is $530, with an additional $100 for the right-of-citizenship fee. If the citizenship application faces rejection only the $100 fee refund is made.
    • Requirement of proof of income and employment. The fund statements in the applicant’s bank account must show a detailed history of transactions made by them in the three months prior to submitting the application. The processing time of the application determines by the type of visa you apply for; it could take many years or only six months.

Reasons Why People Are Face Rejection For Immigration To Canada

Even if all of the requirements are met, the visa application may still face denial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Any applicant serving a prison sentence in or outside of Canada. Or is under an indictable offence under the Citizenship Act within the last four years.
  • Had a citizenship application rejection for misrepresentation within the last five years. Misrepresentation occurs when an applicant misreads a question on a form. overlooks information from a form, or misunderstands the instructions for completing a form.
  • Do not meet the requirements for citizenship or resumption. Some applicants have their applications face denial. Due to being ineligible for the programme for which they apply. despite the fact that they may be eligible for another Canadian immigration programme. To avoid such situations, an applicant must be knowledgeable about their eligibility and which programme is best for them.
    • Failure to attach required documents and apply on time are also reasons for visa refusal.

Important Tips: Applying for Canadian Immigration 

Although Canada receives thousands of immigration applications each year due to the abundance of opportunities, not everyone is accepted because it is dependent on an individual’s profile.

Here are some pointers to help you along the way:
• There are numerous immigration programmes available; choose the one that best suits you.
• Determine whether you are inadmissible to Canada; if you are, you will not be able to apply for it for security, criminal, or medical reasons.
• Make certain that all of your supporting documents are complete.
• You can also seek the assistance of the best immigration lawyers in Dubai.

Submit a complete application to the appropriate Canadian immigration department.
• Complete the

Who Can Assist You With Your Canadian Immigration Application?

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, seek assistance from the best immigration lawyers in UAE. They will guide you through the immigration process, understand the steps involved, and can interface with federal agencies on your behalf. Doing so will relieve your stress and provide you with clear-cut and best answers to your questions about the Canadian immigration process.
Check the lawyer’s background and ensure that he or she is licenced and accredited.


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