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Online Sports News Sites in Vietnam

Several websites offer live sports coverage. You can find sites that offer live scores and football betting, as well as websites that offer expert commentary on sports events. Some of the sites include YouSport 790, Xemthethao 790, and TIN90min.

YouSport 790

Among the famous online sports news websites in Vietnam are 8X Sports News in Vietnam and YouSport 790 in Vietnam. Both websites offer comprehensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam and abroad. Their websites are updated regularly. They also provide live scores and predictions for upcoming matches. These websites are a great source for football fans in Vietnam.

8Xbet Sports News in Vietnam provides comprehensive coverage of international football. Its website is available in Vietnamese and English languages. It is updated on a daily basis and has a large readership. It offers live score updates and commentary for several sports including football. It also has a forum for discussion. It is the fastest growing sports news website in Vietnam. It receives 16 million unique visitors every month. It also has a mobile application.


TIN90min is a name to remember if you are a fan of Vietnamese football. In fact, the site boasts a comprehensive schedule of all the major and minor leagues across the globe. It is also one of the few websites in Vietnam to offer live football scores in English or Vietnamese. The site also offers a well conceived betting system that features a mobile betting app, a well thought out customer service department, and a secure payment gateway that features Paypal, Visa and Mastercard as payment methods. As of this writing, the site boasts a user base of over 200,000. The site also offers some of the highest betting limits in the country.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Xemtructiep sports news in Vietnam on 8X is a website which provides information on sports events and competitions. It is also a forum for sports lovers to discuss their favorite teams. The website has been receiving a good number of visitors every month. It is updated daily and provides detailed information about the latest sports events.

It is a trusted source for information about local and national sports. Its content is written by reviewed experts and consists of news, videos, articles, and betting tips. The website is accessible through PC or mobile devices.

It offers comprehensive coverage of popular sports in Vietnam. It also features live scores for football games. It is available in English and Vietnamese. It has a calendar of upcoming events and has an expert commentary of the major football matches.

Expert commentary

Several sports websites in Vietnam offer expert commentary on football games. These websites also feature betting options, live scores, and news about all the major sports events in Vietnam. Some of the popular sites include YouSport, 8Xbet, and VuaTintuc. These websites are reliable sources of sports news for fans of soccer in Vietnam.

EightX is an online sports community that offers live reports and scores for international football events. They also feature a complete set of rankings for both the national team and the local players. You can also watch live scores from local games and other sports events. You can also find betting options and a refund management service. They also provide a clean, simple website for their users.


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