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News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement


From MarketWatch:

Sticking with your Medicare plan this open enrollment season? You could pay a hefty price: Not everyone needs to make a switch during Medicare’s open enrollment period, but they should all review their current plans to make sure their coverage isn’t changing. 

Here’s how much retirement income you can buy today for $100,000: Interested in learning more about annuities and how they work? Read this

Why do we trash things that can be fixed? Assert your ‘right to repair’: Something broken? Try fixing it yourself before getting rid of it. 

Also on MarketWatch:

Will working while receiving Social Security increase my benefit? 

How do you care for an aging parent who didn’t care for you? 

Many young people shouldn’t save for retirement, says research based on a Nobel Prize–winning theory

Investors have been tested this year — do you have what it takes to succeed?

Buying stocks for dividend income? Read this first

Long COVID is not just a health issue — it’s now becoming workforce issue as employers and workers struggle with long-term effects

More in retirement news:

I retired during the pandemic. Now inflation has me counting pennies (CNN)

On this day 29 years ago: Michael Jordan’s first retirement (Sports Illustrated)

Rafael Nadal: ‘I am not thinking about my retirement. When it will be, it will be.’ (Forbes)

Retirement giants band together to help job-switchers transfer 401(k)s (Advisor Perspectives)

Is Katy Perry ready for retirement? She says… (E News)

Research and Insight:

Hutchins roundup: Deep recessions, early retirement and more (Brookings)

How to partially retire before you’re ready for full retirement (Kiplinger)

Ex-footballer survey: Retirement struggles, relationship break-ups, finding a new career (The Athletic)

56% of workers say affording healthcare in retirement is a major goal. Here’s how to meet it (The Motley Fool)

Personal debt: It’s delaying 20% of Americans from saving for retirement (BenefitsPro)

One reason the U.S. labor force is shrinking (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Roth IRA and Roth 401(k): the world would be a better place without them

With COVID restrictions relaxed, can you go back to traveling like you used to?

What might a Republican Congress do about Social Security and Medicare?

Another casualty of inflation: People are saving less for retirement

Home DNA tests have stripped anonymity from donor conception, with huge implications for the industry

Interest rates are rising – how older Americans should handle their credit

How climate change affects autumn foliage season

Reverse mortgages can offer senior homeowners a financial lifeline with both stocks and bonds sinking


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