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Jenny Scordamaglia Enrique Benzoni Wikipedia

Enrique Benzoni and Jenny Scordamaglia are hitched. They met in 2009 and dated for a long time. They later got hitched on August 20, 2011. They have no kids. The couple have an immense following. Enrique Benzoni is a television maker, however, there is no Wikipedia page about the couple. He has been the President and overseer of Miami Television starting around 2006.

Wikipedia Page

Regardless of being hitched starting around 2011, Jenny Scordamaglia has not yet distributed a Wikipedia passage about their relationship. Notwithstanding their work together on TV, Enrique Benzoni has been the CEO and Leader of Miami Television. In any case, there is no Wikipedia section about Enrique Benzoni. Truth be told, the star-turned-entertainer isn’t the only one with a Wikipedia page.

Total assets

The total assets of Jenny Scordamaglia and Enrique Benzoni are assessed at $2 million starting around 2022. Nonetheless, the specific sums are not uncovered. Several have stayed hesitant about their profit, despite their drawn-out professions in television. The typical compensation of a Program is $30,457, while the most generously compensated worker is $722,498.

Effective Vocations

Enrique Benzoni and Jenny Scordamaglia have separate Wikipedia profiles. Enrique Benzoni is the President of Miami Television, while Jenny Scordamaglia has worked in media outlets for a long time. Together, they have assembled two TV stations zeroing in on certain living, well-being, and culture.

Excellence Of Their Relationship

In 2014, the two were hitched. Their relationship is allegedly founded on their common zodiac signs. Benzoni is a business person and established a naturist town in Mexico called Energy Heaven Tulum. Jenny Scordamaglia’s Wikipedia page gives more data about the two. While she is a performer and a television character, her genuine profession is as a business visionary. She has made a few motion pictures, principally thrillers.


While Enrique Benzoni is an effective money manager, he has his very own group and is hitched to Jenny Scordamaglia. He likewise has kids, however, their names and ages are obscure. It’s additionally muddled what Enrique’s #1 articles are. It’s ideal to check his wiki to see what he has been doing.

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