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Is a Used Mobile Good Enough for Every Day Usage in 2023

Did you know that from a pool of 100 people, 33 of them are likely to buy a used or refurbished mobile phone? Yeah, I know, it’s kinda crazy when you think about it. Why would anyone go for a used mobile rather than a brand-new one? We’ll see many of you might know this, but buying a second-hand mobile phone not only ensures that you get the best price but also helps save the ecosystem (more on that later). This basically acts as an incentive for people to buy more and more used phones.

However, many of us (including me at one time) have reservations at the time of purchasing a used device. We have tons of questions in our heads, but the main one is that we will be able to keep up with our daily tasks. This all depends on various factors, which I’m going to discuss one at a time in each of the articles.

Therefore, here are the topics that we’ll cover today.

  • 3 questions to ask yourself about the used mobile
  • Should you go for it if you have the chance

With that said, let’s start with the 3 main questions to ask yourself when purchasing the device.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About the Used Mobile

If you’ve bought a used or refurbished mobile phone in the past, then you know about the struggle of buying one for yourself. Before we continue, I want to clear up one thing that I’ve mentioned several times. This is the distinction between a used mobile and a refurbished one. 

Both of them are basically second-hand mobile phones which have been owned by someone in the past. However, the distinction starts when it comes to the conditions of the phone. The used phone can be anywhere from good to worse condition, but a refurbished mobile phone is sent to the manufacturer, which is then later restored to the near identical health of the phone. 

However, since both of the phones have been previously owned by a person that you do not know or has any credible reputation, you may have some questions in your mind. I also went through a similar experience when I planned to buy a used iPhone 12 Pro. Luckily, I approached Wise Market, and they gave me the best used iPhone that I could’ve hoped for.

Still, when I was planning to buy from them, I did have a few questions, and when the answers came out satisfactory, I went with the option.

How Old the Phone Is

When buying a used mobile, the very first question that you must ask yourself is, “How old is the phone you’re buying?” Some of you might get confused by this question, but what do I mean by this question? You need to understand how old the phone itself is. If the phone is only a year or at max 2 years old, then it’s still a viable option, but if it’s anywhere older than 3 to 5, then things get a bit difficult.

There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that the phone’s battery health degrades over an extended period of usage. This is an issue that no latest technology is safe from. If you’re using a smart device, then it’s more than likely that the battery is degrading. That’s why when I chose the used iPhone a while back, I made sure that the phone wasn’t too old, or otherwise I’ll be doing nothing else other than being such a wall.

What Company Does It Belong to

The next question to ask yourself is, “What company does the used mobile buying belong to?” Asking this question is important because, most of the time, if you’re buying a low-end device from an unreliable company, the phone won’t last.

I made the mistake of buying a used phone that belonged to a lesser-known company that doesn’t even make smartphones anymore. The phone only lasted about a month. After that, it didn’t matter if I bought a used or a refurbished mobile phone. I always made sure that I picked the high-end variant of a reputable company. 

A good example of this is the used iPhone 12 Pro which I bought a few months back. Apple has always made sure that even a used iPhone is good enough to compete with the likes of new ones. I bought a used iPhone 13 Pro Max for my older brother and a used iPhone 11 Pro for my younger sister. Both of those devices are still in great working conditions that I bought from Wise Market PK.

What’s the Condition of the Phone

The last question to ask yourself is, “what’s the physical condition of the used mobile?” Normally, just by looking, you can tell how roughly the phone has been used before. The phone would either have some scuff marks or scratches on the front and back. In some cases, you’ll also see some dent marks in the frame of the phone.

If the shop owner is trying to hide any scratch marks with the help of a sheet on the back of the phone, then ask them to remove it so you can do a better examination.

Should You Go for It If You Have the Chance

Out of all of these questions, the big one is whether you should get one if you have a chance. My answer is “Yes” because all you need is some good knowledge, significant examination skills, and a trusted vendor like WiseMarket.

They have tons of new and used smartphones of all varieties. Plus, they also have tons of accessories like a smartwatch or earbuds. So, check them out because when it comes to selling great used mobile phones, no one can beat Wise Market Pakistan.

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