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IGTV and. Reels: What Works Best for Your Company?

IGTV and. Reels: What Works Best for Your Company?

The most powerful of all social media platforms for marketing, Instagram is now much more flexible than it was only two years ago, where square photos using vintage-style filters were the only kind of posts that could be supported. Como usar stories instagram. From images that are still or short videos, as well as Live videos, as well as Stories, Reels and IGTV videos, Instagram allows users to post in a variety of formats. Click here

The marketing of Instagram videos began rolling out basic features in 2016 and gained prominence in 2019. The popularity of the feature has only grown since Instagram introduced its Reels feature in 2020, in addition to the current IGTV feature. So how do you determine what type of video?

If you’re looking to know which one is ideal for your company, This is a short overview of how IGTV, as well as Reels, is and how they could provide value to your company.

Instagram Reels

Reels consist of short (15 to 30 seconds) videos. They typically comprise several pieces of video that are joined with filters, music or some text.

Reels are, in fact, Instagram’s answer to the services TikTok provides. Like the other social media focused on video-sharing channels, Reel brands can produce and share short content that entices viewers and draws them in enough to convince them to visit the site again.

With 1 billion active users on Instagram around the world, Instagram Reels offer an excellent way to present your content with your brand name to a wider audience. This feature is currently available in 50 countries across the world. Como usar histórias do Instagram

Pros of Instagram Reels

If you’re unsure whether or not Reels could be a great method of marketing for your company, particularly we will look at the benefits of Reels:

  1. Makes educational content look interesting

Reels are ideal for creating a timelapse or a quick look at things. It is possible to add texts to explain things and filters to create stunning effects and an audio narration as you go through.

The format is great for a short “how-to” video in which you can provide the essentials of a procedure in five to six easy steps. Como usar histórias do Instagram

  1. It is simple to make cost-effective, time-saving and affordable

Reels are intended for informal content. It is possible to shoot and edit them with your smartphone and upload them anywhere. This can help make your brand more accessible to your customers as there is more credibility. Since Reels do not require extensive setups, they’re cost-effective and are perfect for companies with small budgets.

  1. You will get favourable publicity if you do it correctly

Reels are concerned with organic impact. If your content is well-crafted and useful, you can become a viral sensation on Instagram using Reels and not spend a cent on advertisements. Thus, the earlier you join the bandwagon to get on board, the more quickly you can start engaging with your intended followers through Instagram, regardless of having the same content available in various formats. usar stories instagram

  1. The content of reels is always available

Contrary to Instagram Stories, which expire after 24 hours (unless the user saves them to highlights), Reels, once published, remain on your profile for the duration of time. Additionally, Instagram algorithms will always offer their most recent features (currently Reels) extra love to speed up adoption. This is why it’s an excellent idea to hop onto the bandwagon and make Reels likely to become viral, and older Reels will keep racking up views. usar stories instagram

  1. A short attention span? Not a problem!

Because they are short and short, viewers tend to keep them and watch them repeatedly to reinforce the content while making your brand more prominent. To increase the chances of seeing this happen, you should focus on creating content with high value compressed into bite-sized chunks that can be seamlessly integrated into a video in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Popular with younger people

Statista According to Statista, more than 50 per cent of Instagram users worldwide are 34 or less. They are the appropriate demographic to be aware of Reels and to be avid users. If your intended audience is within this age range, it is worthwhile to begin publishing Reels.


Simply because Instagram is a popular feature, and the feature offers numerous advantages and is suitable for various brands, however, that does not necessarily mean that it is the best option for your company. We will look at the cons of it:

Although organic reach means you don’t need to pay for advertising on your Reels, it is also the case that you cannot improve your Reel audience by spending additional money. People need to come across your site organically (or when your content isn’t going viral) to be able to see your content. Como usar stories instagram

You cannot include music in your Reels if you have a Business account. You can only upload original audio clips created by fellow Instagram users. This could limit your creativity.


IGTV is much like Instagram’s version of YouTube. It allows you to upload video content between one and ten minutes. The video content is usually professionally edited and shot exactly the way you would approach a major television show or a commercial.

IGTV is the place to go into depth with your content to attract those looking for more than mere taste. You can publish a thorough review of a product, chat with a relevant industry figure, conduct a lengthy Q&A with your customer, and so on. Como usar stories instagram

IGTV is also a great platform for you to upload cinematic ads that delight your customers with top-quality images and get buyers to purchase immediately. As of December 2020, 23 per cent of Instagram users have viewed IGTV videos at least once during the year. This means that your target market is incredibly large.


IGTV offers new opportunities for companies who wish to improve their Instagram marketing strategy by focusing on videos. The benefits are:

  1. Presence is on the Instagram Explore page

IGTV videos are more captivating, literally. It is a separate page within Instagram’s Instagram Explore Page. It offers you an enormous possibility to draw new followers.

  1. Videos with longer lengths, greater value

IGTV can help you increase your value with the length. If the circumstances call for an extensive discussion, for example, a complicated topic being discussed or an annual review of a product, IGTV is the way to take it. It is possible to create videos that address the needs of your customers or their concerns as well as their needs. Como usar stories instagram

  1. Participate in a brand-specific Q&A panel discussion

With IGTV, you can create the show in your way. Weekly program. The IGTV feature allows you to upload your series, which are video clips that fall under this same genre. You can upload biweekly or weekly videos that include interviews with influential people or in-depth discussions about the various categories of products.

  1. Set yourself up as an industry leader

With the length of films, IGTV is the perfect method to boost your image as an expert in your field, either for your business or as a “personal brand.” Through quality content, you will be a trusted source of information for your followers and increase the value of your brand. Como usar stories instagram

  1. Include closed captions in your videos

IGTV offers automatic captions available in 16 languages, making it ideal for viewers across the globe and those with disabilities. Instagram users. Enhance the IGTV channel to be more effective and accessible to viewers.


Based on True Insights, IGTV has seen a 75.6 per cent decline in the median engagement rate in 2020. This isn’t a surprise because of the negatives, explained below, which IGTV offers to the table:

The biggest drawback to IGTV is that it cannot be monetised. As opposed to YouTube, a native platform, IGTV isn’t a native advertising platform. This means that companies are not obligated to create high-quality, detailed content. They only have to engage with the audience and build audiences to retarget campaigns.

The searchability of IGTV videos is different from YouTube. People find IGTV videos by the algorithm that Instagram uses to show them, which, in turn, depends on the person’s interests and the accounts they follow. If they don’t discover you naturally, there’s no method to promote the IGTV video to them. Como usar stories instagram

There isn’t an in-app editing option available for IGTV videos. It is necessary to perform all of the editing on your own and upload the final result, which could be better when there are any last-minute modifications you think of making when uploading your video.

The length of your videos could deter a significant portion of your audience with smaller attention spans. If your video content doesn’t immediately grab their attention right from the beginning, they might not be able to watch it all the way through.

Bottom line

Which one should you choose? IGTV or Reels? Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages that are worthy of review. Depending on their objectives and budget, some brands may prefer either one or both.

In short, though Reels are ideal for giving glimpses into something and piquing the viewers’ curiosity, IGTV videos provide extensive value and offer valuable information. Also, you must be aware of the intended demographics of your audience.

If you’re seeking to boost your Instagram video profile, A well-judged combination of both will assist you in reaching a wider public and maintaining their interest.


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