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How To Use Social Media For Event Promotions

Social media promotions are effective and can make your event a big hit. With social media event organizers can reach large audiences, can connect with their potential attendees. Social media is a cost-effective tool for event promotions. Most of the features provided by social media platforms are free of cost so if you create a well-researched strategy for social media you can host a successful event. Below is how you can use different social media features to promote your event. 

12 Social Media Features For Event Promotions:

Here is the list of features that can help in promoting event on social media: 

1. Social Media Stories

Stories are a huge part of social media platforms and they play a crucial role in the promotion of the event. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat all these platforms offer social media stories. These platforms offer various story features like stickers, filters, music, etc. You can also add a link to your website or event microsite in the story. Instagram offers a countdown feature that is perfect for events. Adding a countdown and a glimpse of events can help in event promotions. 

2. Live Streaming

Live streaming services offered by social media platforms are a great option for social media promotions. Youtube live streaming is a great option if you want to live stream for an event with a more professional setup. If you want to live stream before the event to offer BTS to your audience you can use Facebook live streaming or Instagram live streaming. 

These platforms offer interactive features like live chat, reaction, and sticklers during live streaming. Now even amazon has launched an amazon live streaming service for promotions of products offered by the platform. 

3. Paid Ads

If you can spend on a social media platform for promotions, paid ads are a good option. Instagram and facebook offer paid ad options. With paid ads, promotion on social media channels can be more effective. These paid ads help in reaching more audiences. Can help in targeting a potential audience. The detailed targeting feature of paid ads can be effective for promotions. 

4. Facebook Event

Facebook is a platform that offers various such features that can help in the promotions and marketing of the event. With Facebook, you can mark the event for promotions and for reaching more audience. You can share all the details on the Facebook event page so that if your audience is interested in your event they can easily register or get tickets. 

5. Share Short Videos

Short videos are in trend on all social media platforms. If you want to reach more audience you can create a fun and engaging short audio for the promotion of the event. Instagram offers a reel feature that you can use to post short videos with music, filters, and effects. Youtube shorts is also another short video feature that you can use to promote your event. Tik to, Facebook and Snapchat also promote short-form content.

6. Create Event Hashtags

Social media hashtags are another option for the promotion of the event. You can create a hashtag that is relevant to your event and ask your attendees to use it for posting anything related to the event. Event hashtags can help in increasing the organic reach. Use one hashtag for all social media platforms. You can feature your attendee’s content on your social media profile when they use your event hashtag. 

7. Host A Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a fun way of event promotion. Who doesn’t want to receive gifts and rewards? You can host social media contests for your event. You can offer free registration, free tickets, and event merchandise as content rewards which will help in the promotion of your event. You can go live with the winner of the contest or you can feature the winner on your social media profile and it will encourage more individuals to take part in your contest. 

8. Give Sneak Peak

To create a buzz around your event you can give your audience a sneak peak. Sharing Behind the scenes with the audience can also help with promotions. When you share some raw moments from event preparations your audience can feel more connected with you. BTS is a fun way of promoting your event as it can create curiosity among your audience. 

9. Collaborate With Influencers

Influences have a huge audience base. Collaborating with influence from the same niche can help with event promotions. If you’re hosting an event for product promotions and services you can reach out to influencers and ask them to post with your products. You can go live with them and it will have an impact on your audience. 

10. Crete Fun And Engaging Content

Content is crucial for social media promotions. You can just login into your social media account and post anything you will have to create a content strategy. Your audience is not up for regular and boring content on social media, so you can create some engaging and crips content for social media. 

11. Use Interactive Features

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc offer various interactive features. You can use stories, highlights, Instagram IGTV feature, hashtag, countdown, messages, video chat, etc to promote and stay connected with your audience. 

12. Keep Your Profile Updated

For event promotions, it is important to keep all your social media platforms updated. When you are using social media for all your event updates it becomes essential to keep your profile updated. Because people who are interested in your event will be visiting your social media profiles. You can add reviews of attendees from past events, you can also share some photos and videos of your past events. 

The Bottom Line 

From Instagram to Snapchat every platform offers certain features that can help event organizers in promoting their events. These features are usually free and available for everyone. With social media, promotions become easy and effective. Research the platform that your target audience uses the most and create a promotional strategy for that platform to attract more audience for the event.


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