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Here’s How To Solve Negative Reviews And Earn Better Reviews

One of your most effective sales tactics might be testimonials and product reviews. More than 70% of buyers claim to read product reviews before making a purchase, and roughly 63% say they are more likely to buy from a website with ratings and reviews of the products. By demonstrating that customers are happy with their purchases, social proof can comfort unconvinced customers, offer context, and decrease returns.

It might be painful to read negative reviews. The new superpower of many customers is reviewing websites. The quality of the product or service might be criticized publicly by customers. Online opinions are generally honest. Even though they might also be unjustified or even cruel at times.

Hence, through this blog, we will be highlighting a few ways in which you can convert negative reviews into positive ones effectively. Excited to know more? Let’s get started right away.

Different Ways To Solve Negative Reviews & Earn Better Reviews 

1. Put reviews in the limelight by embedding them on your website 

One of the best ways to leverage reviews will be to put them on your brand website. A brand website is a crucial touchpoint for promoting your business as it helps them to target potential customers more effectively.

Business marketers have started to embed reviews on websites from different review platforms like Google, Yelp, Airbnb, Facebook, etc., to make their websites more impactful. This can be done using a review platform. Depending on the tool chosen, you will be able to collect, curate and embed reviews on your website with ease. Using a responsive platform, you will be able to improve the overall look of the review widget using the customization options. Tools like Taggbox Widget offer various other features like content moderation, advanced analytics, real-time content updates, etc., to make the widget more impactful and result driven.

2. Use UGC Reviews Uploader

One of the most emerging and new ways to encourage users to post more reviews and keep a constant check on negative thoughts is by allowing users to directly post reviews on the website. These reviews can be in the form of images, videos, and text. 

The UGC uploader feature allows visitors to give easy access to post reviews. As a brand, getting real-time updates about reviews can help you solve and respond to negative reviews as soon as possible. While with such an effortless way, it encourages more visitors to post reviews. 

3. Determine whether or not feedback is constructive

While some reviews are helpful, others are rants without much point. Rants frequently contain errors, fabricated content, and even insults.

Reporting the review to the review platform is the best response to a rant. You can flag reviews on Google and ask them to remove any unfavorable remarks. Yelp also includes instructions on how to report and ask for the removal of a scathing review. Moderators can assist you in resolving complaints of this nature. It guarantees that you don’t worsen the situation, at the very least.

Even unfavorable reviews might reveal important information about your company. You can better grasp consumer problems and mistakes by receiving constructive comments.

4. Emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction

The customer is always right, as you’ve probably heard. Businesses are there to serve customers, not merely to turn a profit. Because of this, you are making your consumers happy should be your first concern.

Tell them that you prioritize customer satisfaction when making amends to someone who has had a negative encounter at your store.

5. Correct Your Errors, Then Publicize Them

Reviews can be used as fuel by companies looking to enhance their customer service, just as surveys can reveal areas for improvement. A chance to learn and identify issues arises from a poor review.

The best move is to use criticism to correct that error and ensure it doesn’t occur again. To put things right, you can even publicize the positive review once it has been worked on. 

6. Make amendments for customer satisfaction

Last but not least, giving a displeased consumer something useful is the wisest strategy. If a customer had a poor experience at your hotel, for instance, you can offer a complimentary night’s stay or a discount the following time they came. If a consumer has a problem with a good or service, you might even give them a refund or a discount on future purchases.

The greatest technique to transform a poor review into a positive review is to provide your consumers with something as a way of apologizing for the inconvenience. Saying that you worry about unfavorable criticism is simple. A gift is a way to demonstrate that you truly mean what you say. Moreover, it demonstrates to other clients that you take their reviews seriously and like try to put your best foot forward to make amendments.

Key Takeaways

It’s not the end of the world if some customers leave negative feedback. Negative reviews, if handled correctly, maybe a great way to engage with customers and enhance business processes. Consequently, you shouldn’t become alarmed if you read bad reviews.

This brings us to the end of this insightful post and these were all the points that can be taken into consideration for converting negative reviews to positive ones. Go on and begin the process right away!


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