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How to be ready for the DHA test

Do you wish to advance in the healthcare industry in Dubai? If so, your first achievement will be passing the DHA exam. A DHA (Dubai Health Authority) licence is required for healthcare practitioners to work in Dubai. The HRD, or Dubai Health Regulation Department, is responsible for issuing the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) licence. You must pass the DHA exam if you want to advance in the healthcare field. In this article, we’ll offer some tips for passing the DHA exam and opening the door to a successful medical profession.


In accordance with Law 13, the Department of Health and Medical Services established the DHA, or Dubai Health Authority, with the goal of enhancing the healthcare sector and placing a premium on the calibre of healthcare services. The DHA Health Regulation Department is in charge of monitoring those who hold medical licences (HRD). People who have the training and experience necessary to deliver high-quality healthcare in Dubai are granted licences by HRD.


Here are some pointers for acing the prestigious DHA test.


Review the DHA exam syllabus carefully.

The course syllabus can be found. Become familiar with the format of the DHA exam and have a good knowledge of its syllabus. Be sure to read every chapter completely. Depending on your line of employment, the curriculum for other healthcare professionals differs.


The effort

The DHA is one of the most renowned tests in the world, and completing it calls for relentless preparation.


Recognize the DHA exam’s length


Make sure you are familiar with the schedule for the DHA exam before beginning your exam preparation. The two-hour Dubai Prometric exam is timed. There are questions with multiple answers. Make the necessary time arrangements before the exam starts.


Be assured

The most crucial exam advise is definitely to relax and take the test bravely.


Attend the DHA practise exams to better understand the format of the test.

You can learn about the DHA exam’s question format, the scoring scheme, and your level of subject knowledge by taking practise tests. Mock exams include exams in the medical field such as the DHA, HAAD, Prometric, NCLEX, and MOH. Several free practise exams are also available.

Examine the DHA test questions from previous administrations.


DHA exam questions for nurses from prior years might be consulted by students who desire to ace their exams. It’s crucial to respond to test questions from previous years.


Continual Revision

Keep up with the readings by reviewing them.


Recognize the various DHA test categories.


The DHA exam for medical professionals typically offers oral and computer-based tests. You must therefore be aware of the type of test you will take.


Enrol in a DHA course


To receive the finest advice and direction, enrol in a DHA course.


Discover the DHA test outcomes.


Do you know what you need to score overall to pass your exams? A 0 to 100 scale is used for the DHA tests. You need to have at least 60 points before you can donate. All DHA exams are graded using this system. What happens if you fail the DHA test? You must submit a fresh application if you want to retake the DHA test. However, there are no time restrictions for retaking exams.

Increase the amount of time you spend studying using books and tools that will help you better understand your subject. You can choose between taking lessons in person or online. Many websites now provide live classes via Skype. Take part in each class and read the readings on a regular basis. You are prepared to ace your DHA exam if you are a committed healthcare worker!

test? If you want to retake the DHA exam, you must submit a new application. There are no time limits for retaking examinations, though.



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