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How Is an i-CAT CBCT Used?

The i-CAT brand has long been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of dental radiography products. In addition, Imaging Sciences, the manufacturer of i-CAT products, is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative dental imaging companies. Now distributed through the DEXIS family of products, i-CAT continues to hold firm as an innovator in CBCT imaging with a wide range of clinical applications.

Additionally, i-CAT CBCT systems and treatment-planning software continue to revolutionize 3D radiography (imaging). To put it simply, when you buy i-CAT X-ray technology, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality and innovation.

You may be familiar with the i-CAT brand, but have you wondered how these CBCT systems are used in clinical practice? To help you better understand your options with i-CAT and the primary applications of each model, we’ve outlined these details below:

i-CAT FLX V-Series

The i-CAT FLX V series offers three maximum field-of-view options: V8, V10, and V17. Even within those sizes, the operator can scale or collimate the scan height down to capture only the area of interest. The system also provides optimal low-dose imaging options through a combination of protocol, collimation, 2D panoramic imaging capabilities, and Tx STUDIO Software – all at an attractive price point.


The i-CAT FLX V8 offers 8x5cm and 8x8cm FOV options that can capture specific areas of interest instead of the entire maxillofacial region, ideal for implant planning, endodontics, and oral surgery. For specialists that require larger FOV scans, upgrading to the V10 is a simple, practical option since all i-CAT V Series use the same capture process and 3D software.

The i-CAT FLX V8 includes applications for general practice, implant, and endodontics and is compatible with Tx STUDIO software, which combines the power of multiple software systems into one single solution.


The i-CAT FLX V10 offers larger, scalable FOV settings (up to 16 x 10cm), useful for exams requiring larger views of the dental anatomy, such as TMJ studies or airway analyses.

The i-CAT FLX V10 combines the functionality of cutting edge cone beam technology and a variety of tools for treatment and planning. The V10 offers all of the same functionality and tools as the V8, with the main difference being that of available FOV sizes. The V10 FOV sizes range from 8x5cm to 16x10cm.

The V10 offers a wide range of applications, including implant, periodontic, TMJ, pediatrics, analyses for both upper and lower airway, and OMS. Like the V8, it is also compatible with Tx STUDIO software.

The previous generation of the i-CAT FLX MV is the i-CAT Precise, which is available through certified pre-owned dealers such as Renew Digital. This model similarly offered a scalable medium FOV, measuring 8x8cm and 14x8cm.

i-CAT FLX V17 & i-CAT Next Generation

The i-CAT FLX V17 is most often used by oral radiologists, oral maxillofacial  surgeons, and orthodontists because it offers the largest FOVs, up to 18x23cm. It can also extrapolate cephalometric scans from a single 3D scan, without requiring an additional sensor head like many other CBCT brands require. It is the most flexible of the i-CAT FLX V series systems because it can accommodate the widest range of imaging needs.

The i-CAT FLX V17 offers a wide range of applications suitable for all 3D needs, including airway analysis, oral surgery, orthodontics, and orthognathics. Like the other i-CAT FLX V series systems mentioned here, it is also compatible with Tx STUDIO software.

The previous generation of the i-CAT FLX v17 is the i-CAT Next Generation. Like the i-CAT FLX v17, this model offered large FOV sizes, including 8x8cm, 17x23cm, or any height from 2-13x16cm, as well as extrapolated cephalometric images.

Where Can I Buy an i-CAT CBCT System?

The i-CAT FLX is available new through DEXIS dealers. If you’ve purchased a new panoramic or CBCT system in the past, your dealer should be able to assist you with an i-CAT FLX purchase or referral. If you’re just getting started with CBCT or with i-CAT, consider shopping certified pre-owned. A certified pre-owned purchase can save you up to 50% off new list prices, to reduce your initial investment in a significant purchase for your practice.

If you’re shopping for i-CAT FLX, or just interested in getting started with CBCT, consider a purchase from the leaders in certified pre-owned dental imaging, Renew Digital. They’ve been working with practices looking to upgrade their digital imaging equipment to CBCT for over 10 years. Plus, they carry a wide selection of CBCT to choose from, including i-CAT FLX (both v17 and MV) as well as the previous generation i-CAT Next Generation and i-CAT Precise.

For added value, your used i-CAT cone beam purchase, or any X-ray or CBCT purchase, from Renew Digital includes professional installation and on-site training. Once you start using it, you’ll have unlimited access to their customer service Help Desk as well as their full parts replacement and onsite labor warranty.

For more information and to find the right certified pre-owned i-CAT CBCT system for you, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your practice’s current and future imaging needs to help you find the best used dental equipment for your practice.


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