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Health Significance of Shankhapushpi | Supplement for Better Sleep

The demand for natural herbal supplements increasing day by day because of the therapeutic benefits they offer such as improved memory, better sleep or concentration, a healthy brain, and a cure for depression, anxiety, etc. Shankhpushpi is an important herb used in ayurveda that primarily supports a healthy brain and nervous system. It enhances the brain power by improving the ability to recall, and concentrate also considered one of the wonderful gifts of nature to mankind. They generally grow under xerophytic conditions in rocky and sandy areas. Let’s discuss the various benefits they offer to health, have a look.

Various Health Benefits of Shankhapushpi

  • Improve Brain Functioning

It is a traditional herbal remedy for improving brain function. Its powerful antioxidants and flavonoids improve an individual’s memory capacity, focus, concentration, calmness, and alertness. People who take it on a regular basis have improved memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities because it is a brain tonic and stimulant. The plant’s neuroprotective elements help to prevent memory loss, relieve brain tension, and promote better sleep.

  • Reduces Mental Fatigue

Excessive & prolonged cognitive activity causes mental fatigue and is commonly caused by excessive computer use, watching television for hours, learning or memorizing activities, and so on, and causes a person to lose concentration and feel lethargic. Shankhpushpi is a potent natural sleep supplement that promotes better sleep by reducing mental fatigue.

  • Anti-depressive Property

Because of its powerful anti-stress, anti-depressive, and anti-anxiety properties, it is extremely useful for treating various types of psychotic problems like depression, dementia, restlessness, etc. It balances brain chemicals, such as neurotransmitters, and increases dopamine secretion, which in turn keeps serotonin levels under control and helps to reduce various symptoms of anxiety, such as restlessness, uneasiness, cold hands and feet, and aids in relaxing the mind and body.

  • Improve Digestion System

This herb’s digestive properties have been found to be extremely beneficial in improving digestion. It increases the absorption of essential nutrients and improves digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices. It also prevents fluid retention and treats abdominal pain, distension, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

  • Healthy Heart Functioning 

The powerful antioxidative properties are extremely effective in treating a variety of heart ailments, strengthening the heart muscles, and preventing lipid buildup in the blood vessels. The bioactive constituents, such as the ethanolic extract, lower the levels of non-esterified fatty acids which contribute to lowering the risk of heart attacks, heart blocks, blood clots, and other cardiovascular problems. It helps in lowering the blood cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Promote Better Sleep

Shankhpushpi is extremely beneficial in relieving chronic headaches and tension, as well as improving sleep. Normally, a headache caused by an excessive workload, stress, anxiety, or other factors leads to a sleeping disorder. It calms the brain, soothes irritated nerves, and improves nerve function, making it a natural sleep supplement.

  • Natural Skin Health Booster

The potent herb’s abundance of antioxidants is very effective in removing harmful free radicals from the body. It also works as a skin tonic, penetrating deep into the skin, nourishing it from within, and leaving it with a radiant and healthy glow. Aside from that, antioxidative nature treats various signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and so on.

It is usually famous and well-known for curing the mental health problems such as improving brain functioning, functioning of the nervous system, etc.


Shankhapushpi offers plenty of health benefits to the body as some are already stated above. It is a traditional herbal sleep supplement with the least side-effect, an ideal choice for those who are struggling with improper sleep disorder due to anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, etc.


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