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Know-How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate on Your Personal Loan

When you need cash for a planned or unplanned expense, the lowest interest rate personal loans are an excellent source of finance. A personal loan in India can cover various costs without debt consolidation, including weddings, education, home renovations, vacations, and medical emergencies. A Personal loan without a salary slip is collateral-free, which means you can borrow money without pledging any collateral, security, or guarantee. 

Listed below are some tips on how to get the lowest interest rate personal loan

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Quick lowest interest rate personal loans tend to be unsecured loans, meaning lenders primarily base their decisions about your creditworthiness on your credit history score. To get the lowest interest rate personal loan possible, you should have a credit score of at least 725. Find out if you qualify by checking your credit report. It will be easier to apply for a mortgage if your credit score is higher than 725.  

Consistently Pay Loan EMIs

Keep yourself in the habit of paying your lowest interest rate personal loan EMIs on time and clearing your credit card bills in full every month. As a responsible borrower, you project yourself as being a low-risk borrower due to your financial responsibilities. Consequently, you will find that lenders are willing to offer you the lowest possible interest rate on your loans. If you make regular payments, you’re able to manage your loans more conveniently, stay out of debt traps, and you’re able to negotiate better interest rates with your lenders. 

 Check Interests

With the advent of the online financial marketplace, you can now access a variety of lenders and compare interest rates in just a matter of minutes while sitting at home. Depending on your credit score and eligibility, you should find a lender offering the lowest interest rate personal loan. It is essential to remember that when selecting a lender, the interest rate is not the only parameter that should be considered. The other factors to examine are the documentation requirements, loan amount, eligibility criteria, payments and fees, and customer service.

Do Not Apply For Multiple Loans in a Short Period

You come across as a credit-hungry borrower if you apply for multiple loans for a short period. Some lenders may agree to offer you a loan if you pay a high-interest rate. As a result, make sure that you evaluate your financial needs and apply for a loan only if necessary. If you can calculate your expenses and use them for the least amount of loan possible, you will be able to repay your loan quickly and easily. It is important to compare lenders based on certain factors to pick a lender that best fits your needs and budget. 

Keeps Your Credit Utilization Rates Low

It is known as the credit utilization ratio, the percentage of available credit you use up regularly on your credit card. Lenders may perceive you as a credit-hungry borrower if you frequently use most of your credit limit. Whether they approve or reject, your lowest interest rate personal loan application is up to them. Still, if they agree, they may ask for a higher interest rate than a person with a low credit utilization rate. The amount of credit you should use regularly should not exceed 30% of your available limit.

Reduce Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

Before approving your lowest interest rate personal loan application and determining the interest rate on your loan, lenders would want to know your debt to income ratio. In debt-to-income proportions, you calculate the percentage of your income paid to other financial obligations like debt, EMIs, and other loans. As much as possible, you should pay no more than 40% of your monthly income towards your loan EMIs each month.  A debt-to-income ratio greater than 40% may result in your loan application being rejected or you paying a higher interest rate. For this reason, you should pay off your existing loans before applying for a personal loan to reduce your DTI ratio. It will allow you to find the lowest interest rate loan for your loan.

Choose Your Payment Term Wisely

Your repayment tenure determines the interest you will have to pay over the loan. It may be true that the interest rate stays the same, but longer loan tenure means a higher interest outgo. On the other hand, shorter lowest interest rate personal loan tenure can help you save a lot of money. Moreover, with longer loan tenure, EMI may be smaller, and with faster loan tenure, it may be more extensive. The loan tenure you choose depends on many factors, such as your monthly budget and the ability to repay the loan.



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