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Gains from Upgrading Your Laboratory’s Instruments

Despite technological advances yearly, many labs have stuck with the same lab testing instruments for decades. However, if your machinery is outdated, updating is preferable to fixing it and working at a reduced rate.

Even though the technology is constantly improving, many labs still need to enhance their current tools and procedures to perform routine procedures. Using outdated machinery increases the risk of mistakes in the work done and the quality of the product, which may add to significant financial losses.

Here are five reasons why you should consider replacing your outdated laboratory instrument.

It helps you to automate certain tasks.

To get the level of precision and accuracy, you need in the lab; manual procedures are inadequate. Investing in modern Tearing strength tester lets you take advantage of technology benefits like reduced labour costs and faster results from automated operations. Rapid distribution of findings through electronic methods that may be accessed anywhere is made possible by mechanical lab instrument.

Because of the advanced technology included in today’s lab machines, they are more costly than their predecessors. It may be difficult for a business to come up with the money for the initial purchase expenses associated with upgrading. If securing funding for laboratory instrument proves difficult, you may choose the leasing route instead.

The effectiveness of testing and reporting is enhanced.

In contrast to manual testing, where samples may get jumbled up and lead to expensive and deadly accidents, modern lab technology and Tearing strength tester has vastly improved testing efficiency by increasing accuracy and decreasing mistakes. Since much of the job is automated, it’s also more convenient.

Since there is no space for sample mix-ups or other errors that may lead to huge research, the turnaround time for reporting results has been reduced, and you now get feedback on the things you tested.

Low maintenance costs

Repairing or updating your lab’s instrument or computer software often might indicate it’s time for an upgrade. Investing in brand-new lab testing instruments means you won’t have to spend a fortune on repairs and upkeep for a very long time. You also avoid delays and disruptions in productivity caused by hardware issues.

It’s a great tool for boosting employee proficiency.

Upgrading lab instrument necessitates investing in the education and training of the individuals using it. Thus, adequately educated workers carry out their responsibilities more competently, ultimately contributing to greater productivity.

Advantages of Tax Credits

To be eligible for a tax credit, the lab testing instruments must have certain qualities, such as new and enhanced features, procedures, and software. Most modern laboratory instrument qualifies for a 13% tax credit under the Federal Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

Excellent ROI (ROI)

However, the significant initial investment in contemporary lab instrument is justified by the enhanced efficiency and productivity resulting from its cutting-edge design and automated procedures and, ultimately, by the greater revenue. The money spent on the old instrument’s frequent and expensive maintenance is diverted to the new instrument, which is a welcome benefit.


A wide range of sectors is feeling the effects of the ever-increasing technological capabilities of the scientific community. To improve the productivity and accuracy of your lab’s operations and procedures, it’s important to invest in modern lab testing instruments that complies with current technical requirements.


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