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Finding God’s Own Country at its Best

Visualizing waving palm trees, crashing surf, coffee plantations, hill retreats, silent backwaters, paddy fields, and breathtaking national parks that are home to a variety of animals can help you teleport to Kerala.


One of India’s most well-known states, Kerala, may be visited on a trip that is jam-packed with activities. Ayurvedic spas, yoga studios, hill villages, and tea plantations in the Western Ghats highlands are just a few of the attractions in Kerala, a state in southern India commonly referred to as “God’s Own Country.” Then there are the Kerala Backwaters, which—when done well—offer a serene environment for any experience in Kerala, despite their difficulties with congestion.

To help you get the most out of your visit to Kerala, we’ve put up a list of our travel tips for being aware. These are the top eco-friendly inns, homestays, community tourism programmes, wildlife projects, independently run restaurants, and much more.



Kerala’s natural beauty is no longer a secret, and as a result of its rising popularity, a sizable number of tourists, both domestically and internationally, have arrived. Due to pollution, overdevelopment, a lack of local empowerment, and a decline in the economic benefits associated with tourism, this flood of people has posed problems for Kerala’s wildlife, environment, and residents.

The scarce supply of water and other natural resources has upset the delicate balance of plants and animals. Sights of crammed houseboats, islands of floating plastic, and squalor on top of pitch-black water are frequent in Alleppey, where taking a houseboat tour is high on so many people’s lists of things to do.


The good news is that there are ways to travel to Kerala that avoid tourist traps and heavily travelled places while simultaneously supporting initiatives that help the inhabitants and the community. The greatest ecologically friendly vacation in Kerala is covered by us.

Too occupied or pressed for time to organise your own travel? Many local tour companies are on hand to help, including eKeralaTourism, which covers many of Kerala’s highlights or may make customised itineraries.



Despite being one of Kerala’s top attractions, we were only able to briefly stroll through its lovely gardens as part of our schedule. The bulk of visitors come to experience the ambiance and admire being surrounded by the beauty of the tea gardens, even though tea is obviously the main draw here.


The Munnar Tea Country Resort is a sustainable hotel option due to the sustainable practises it has embraced and the efforts it is making to reduce its environmental impact.


Things to do in Periyar and Thekkady

Investigating Periyar: The Western Ghats of Kerala are one of India’s major wildlife refuges, and Periyar National Park is a well-known tourist destination where people come to see wild elephants, leopards, tigers, and other species. While there are many ways to tour the national park, we found that some were considerably more enjoyable than others during our trip to Periyar. The lake ride reminded us of a vacation to Disney World, but we enjoyed touring the park with our local guide in the morning mist (Periyar is one of the few parks you can walk into), and we had a great time at Spice Village in Thekkady, Kerala’s most eco-friendly hotel. Kerala’s best forest resort.


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