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How to Make Discored Text Formatting More Elegant?

Messaging to someone is the best way to communicate with your friends & family, whatever platform you are using but typing a simple text cannot make it more influential.

 Have you ever got surprised by how your friends are chatting with bold or italic or colorful texts and eager to know how it can be done?

Among the greatest messaging apps Discord is one of them that lets you do text formatting with ease, but it can be confusing if you are not knowing about its great text formatting feature to make your text more lucrative to your loved ones.

Markdown is the feature of Discord that helps you to format your text brilliantly and make them stand out from others.

Let’s show off your friend some cool tricks to make your message more appealing and entertaining with this complete guide on Discord text formatting.

We will discuss everything about this amazing feature on how to bold, italicized, underline,  and do whatever you want to do with texts in the given post.

Proceed with the introduction to Markdown.

What is Markdown on Discord

Markdown is basically a lightweight markup language that is used in formatting simple text into bold, italics, Colors, and whatever you want to do with text in your message. Being a very simple user interface and lightweight, it can be run in the background and works as a plain text editor that creates rich text for typing your message.

To be precise Markdown is used to format forum discussions, and readme files and also it can convert simple text into rich text using a simple text editor.

Formatting your text with Markdown becomes pretty easy if you have understood it well.

How to Do Formatting with Markdown on Discord

Using Discord text formatting, you can make changes in your text as per your requirement and convert your simple text into fancy and more stylish to make it impressive. 

Let’s proceed to understand the Discord command text.

How to Bold Texts in Discord

To make your text highlighted, bolding is the best option and you can do it by just adding two “Asteriskas” symbols before and after your written text. Just like **Chosen Text** or you can press “ctrl+B” to make texts bold. 

How to Italics Texts in Discord

To give your text something different look without doing Bold, make your text Italics that will make your text stand out from other texts. For doing so, you need to add only one “Asterisks” before and after your text or you can place an underscore _before and after_ your text.

How to Underline Texts in Discord

Looking for a way how to underline in Discord?

To denote your text something important, underline your text by just pressing two(underscore) __ before and after__ the text, and you will get your text underlined

How to do Strikethrough Your Text

If you want to have a different look to your text and want a strikethrough effect on your text, you 

Need to type two tides (~~) symbols on either side of the text and will get a crossed-out portion of the text. A horizontal line passes through the middle of the text which is known as the strikethrough effect of texts.

How to Combine Two Effects Together

After knowing the basic discord formatting, you can move to the complex transformations of text that combine two effects together and Markdown lets you do this easily.  For combining two effects together, you have to simply add symbols for each type of effect on either side of the desired text.

Some basic combinations and their commands

  • **__Bold and underlined text__** in Discord
  • ***Bold and italicized text*** in Discord
  • **~~Bold and strikethrough text~~** in Discord
  • ***~~__Bold, italicized, strikethrough and underlined text__~~*** in Discord

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