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Old, outdated, has-been, or plainly weird despite being a cultural icon, Birkenstock India has endured it all. Due to five-star partnerships with the most prestigious luxury labels, these famous sandals—which have long been wanted and mocked—have become the most sought-after shoes of the year.

They are comfort shoes of the highest calibre, managing to both declare their lack of style and defy current fashion trends. Despite the fact that almost everyone wears them as soon as the weather warms up, this has frequently led to them being labelled as ugly or even outdated footwear. However, despite being almost 250 years old, Birkenstocks are evolving, much like their contemporaries (Crocs, jelly sandals, and the like), who have shed their campfire vibes in favour of the sophistication of the catwalk. Forget the beach; instead, these well-known sandals are quickly emerging as the most iconic pieces of clothing.

This rise is likely influenced by the ascent of everything that is ugly, which has recently become the height of stylish. Maybe it’s more an issue of look and pretence, though. Who, after all, doesn’t own a pair of Birkenstocks these days? Or who hasn’t had their eye on one of the various pairs of sandals offered by the company, which are known for their exceptional comfort? But it’s definitely harder to accept that you secretly prefer the hard-core camper appearance to a pair of Birkenstock India online that have been personalised by Carrie Bradshaw’s preferred shoemaker. And there is the distinction.

Birkenstock has left its influence on the fashion industry as a whole, as well as the shoe sector, where it is both admired and despised. The firm has come a long way from its beginnings, actually inventing the footbed and working with renowned designers. And you would anticipate there to be a significant impact for a brand that is older than the United States.

Birkenstocks Fades into Satin

Thanks to a very luxurious cooperation, Manolo Blahnik, the designer of the most sought-after stilettos on the planet, is now assisting in elevating the status of these traditional beach shoes. It adds colour, glittery accents, and premium materials—the ideal combination to promote these plain shoes to the status of symbol of the year. The 200-year-old brand receives the most beautiful facelift thanks to this relationship, gleaming in an unheard-of manner.

The Arizona sandals, possibly the most recognisable style of the brand, has been revived by Manolo Blahnik and is embellished with velvety black leather, fuchsia or blue velvet, or both. Luxurious crystals, a sign of unrivalled style, are used to adorn everything. These features, materials, and hues may also be seen on the “Boston” clog, which will unquestionably make you stand out at the fanciest summer events from Saint-Malo to Saint-Tropez and perhaps even a camping in Cornwall. In a few days, the first instalment of the collaboration is anticipated to drop.

Slipping into high fashion

That’s not all, though. Not only Manolo Blahnik, who claims to have always worn Birkenstocks, has a sweet spot for the sandals in his heart. Nevertheless, the shoe first appeared earlier this year on the Dior Homme runway! Although they are from the fall/winter 2022 collection, Kim Jones has dressed up Birkenstocks for summer by covering them in felt or suede—again, your choice—and, for some of his designs, with the most elegant floral embroidery. Was it true that Birkenstocks are ugly?

Birkenstock first used the word “footbed” to refer to its anatomically formed insoles in the 1930s. But the moniker wasn’t simply clever advertising. Stability and comfort are guaranteed since the footbed was meticulously made to fit the anatomical contour of a foot. It had high toe bars that gave the foot extra grip, a deep, concave heel cup to retain the wearer’s natural cushioning at the heel bone, longitudinal and transverse arch supports that helped with good alignment and stability, and plenty of room in the toe box for comfort.

The practical sandal may soon be making an appearance at the most exclusive parties in the world’s major fashion capitals after conquering beaches and camping grounds. Undoubtedly, ugly shoes are currently living their finest life.

On and, the first item created in collaboration between Birkenstock and Manolo Blahnik has been unveiled. Starting on March 24, 2022, it also offered in all Manolo Blahnik retail stores and at a few more chosen retailers across the world. In June 2022, the second style was also released.

A BIRKENSTOCK shoe is a unique, luxurious and pleasant experience to wear. The brand cordially invites all of you magnificent men and women to luxuriate in the realm of unfathomable pleasure and luxury. Pick what appeals to you and start shopping right away at Birkenstock online store!


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