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Billionaire Investor Yuri Milner Renounces Russian Citizenship Amid War


Yuri Milner said Monday that he has renounced his Russian citizenship.


David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News

Russian-born billionaire

Yuri Milner

announced Monday that he has officially renounced his Russian citizenship, completing the process in August.

“My family and I left Russia for good in 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea,” tweeted Mr. Milner, who founded technology investment firm DST Global in 2009. On his website, Mr. Milner said he has been an Israeli citizen since 1999 and his family has lived in California since 2014. 

He didn’t give a reason for making the announcement Monday. A spokeswoman for Mr. Milner declined to elaborate beyond his tweet. 

DST Global’s investments have included


now known as Meta Platforms Inc.;

Twitter Inc.



now Snap Inc.;

Airbnb Inc.

and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp.

Mr. Milner said on his website that he has no assets in Russia, hasn’t been there since 2014 and that 97% of his personal wealth was created outside of Russia. 

Forbes estimates Mr. Milner’s net worth at $7.3 billion. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February led to broad sanctions against Moscow and a pullback from many Western companies. In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have regained thousands of square miles of territory in the east and advanced in the south.

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