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Advantages of Hiring Calgary Survey Company

Whether you’re planning a residential development project or intend to sell off your home, a Calgary survey company can expertly identify the studies required for regulatory compliance and decision-making. With the help of CORE Geomatics’ experienced land surveying and engineering services, you can better understand your property and confidently plan for future building or land remodelling in Calgary. In this article, we take a look at land surveying and how it can benefit your property.

What is Land Surveying?
Land surveying is a method for gathering detailed information on the topography of the land for use in future planning, designing, and establishing property boundaries by making observations, gathering measurements on the ground, utilising different surveying tools, and analysing the results.

A land survey contains details about the property’s location, borders, terrain, and easement rights, among other things.
Types of Land Surveying

Today, there are many different kinds of land surveying methods. Among the most typical are:

Boundary Survey
Land surveyors carry out boundary surveys to determine the correct property lines for a plot of land. Fieldwork and record-based research are necessary for this kind of study, together with the calculations and measurements needed to design borders that comply with municipal legislation.

Location Survey
Like a border survey, a location survey provides additional information on the location of internal improvements. This type of survey is typically done to fulfil the criteria for a loan application or zoning permit.

Construction Surveys
Construction surveys mark out structures and improvements on land per development plans, assisting employees in the construction process. All structures, including walls, fences, roads, and utilities, are covered by this. A construction survey could include an as-constructed survey.

Topographic Survey
A topographic survey primarily focuses on the physical characteristics of the terrain. This is where all of the data on elevation points, contour lines, slopes, etc. is being gathered. The goal is to assemble all data about the lands’ anthropogenic and natural features.

Right-of-Way Survey
Right-of-Way (ROW) surveys help utility companies and property owners establish access rights and access locations on a given piece of property.

Advantages of Land Surveying

● Increased boundary accuracy: Boundaries can cause major issues in the neighbourhood and could land you in court facing a hefty cost. Using surveys to determine property lines or project design can help resolve legal conflicts.

● A deeper knowledge of topography: A land survey makes sure that engineers have a better understanding of the topography, including figuring out whether the site has any structural or soil issues or is vulnerable to flooding.

● Abiding by laws and regulations: To avoid any further property conflicts, a land surveyor has to see that all the rules are followed. By providing you with precise elevation data and extensive topographical information, a skilled land surveyor can ensure that no violation happens.

● Better construction planning: A land survey can provide a general contractor with a variety of information about the plot before they approve the development. Construction companies can use the data from this land survey to make sure that any constructions are put in the best possible locations and that all essential preparation has been done before construction.

● Value Estimation: Land surveyors can also assist you in estimating a property’s value more precisely. You can more precisely evaluate a property based on its landscape, hardscape, and location information if you have a complete land survey.

Effective training and proficiency with cutting-edge equipment are two things you should look for when hiring a Calgary survey company. Whether your demands are simple or complicated, for residential, commercial, or construction projects, you can rely on the trained professionals at CORE geomatics to get your project off to the perfect start. You can request a survey here.


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