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About Parr Instrument Company’s 5500 Series Parr Reactors

Parr Instrument Company designs and produces a wide range of parallel and multiple reactor systems, including pressure reactors, tubular reactors, oxygen bomb calorimeters, and shaker hydrogenators, among other specialty apparatuses for precision catalyst and corrosion testing, combinatorial chemistry, and high-throughput screening.

Their systems allow for customized inputs, outputs, and metering, and enable a high

level of automation. Among compact, benchtop, high-press Parr reactors, the 5500 series, available with 25ml to 600ml vessel sizes, offers extraordinary performance and value.

Parr Instrument Company’s 5500 Series HPCL (High-Pressure, Compact Laboratory) reactors are based on their micro and mini series reactors (the 4590 and 4560 series) but there are several differences between these two lines which improve the design and operation of the 5500 systems.

For one, 5500 Series Parr Reactors feature a smaller, more compact magnetically-coupled stirrer drive that takes full advantage of modern magnetic technology. This drive, though small, is powerful enough to stir reaction mixtures up to viscosities of 10,000 centipoise, even in large 600ml vessels.

The 5500 Series Parr Reactor systems also feature smaller, more compact variable speed stirrer motors. The 1/17th HP motors are adjustable from 0 to 1700 RPM and the systems are configurable with a tachometer and tachometer display.

The larger support stand and overarm (and motor) have been eliminated in this series, allowing the aluminum block heater to serve as the support stand for these reactors.

These aluminum block-style heaters deliver exceptional thermal uniformity and accept cartridge heaters that can be easily replaced if necessary. They also feature stainless steel heat shields around the heater block.

These systems are configurable with Parr Instrument Company’s Model 4848 Temperature Controllers, which offer operators options for redundant temperature sensors and alarms, digital temperature readouts, stirring speed display and control, motor load, and more.

These benchtop systems have a movable mounting style and are available with vessel sizes ranging from 25ml to 600ml, with a maximum operating pressure rating of 3000 PSI. The maximum operating temperature rating varies depending on the liner or gasket paired with the system. They are rated to 225℃ with an FKM O-ring, 275℃ with an FFKM O-ring, and 350℃ with a PTFE flat gasket.

The system as described is also configurable with a variety of other options in liners, stirrers, gauges, feed systems, and more.

These Parr Reactor designs are a welcome addition to Parallel Instrument Company’s reactor lines and are attractive not only for their lower cost but their more compact footprints. These features make them ideal not only for scientists with limited budgets but limited space.

The 5500 Series of Parr Reactors is just one in a long line of systems that have been continuously improved to meet the needs of scientists and engineers with stringent requirements for precision, control, and automation, often with constraints on budget and space.

Like Parr Instrument Company’s pressure and tubular reactors, high-pressure electrolyzers, supercritical fluid systems, and other precision instruments, the 5500 Series HPCL reactors deliver exacting performance at an attractive price point and in a conveniently sized package.

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